Thursday, February 12, 2009


I met a guy through a couple of girls that I used to work with a few weeks ago when we all played Taboo. I like games like that... except for the fact that they raise my blood pressure because I NEED to win. I'm sorta like Monica on Friends. It's a sickness.

I thought the dude was kinda cute except that he has these two mole things on his nose that I don't know why he doesn't get removed, but I don't know him well enough to ask about it. He's also smart and seemed funny so I agreed when he asked me to to to the Canucks Superskills competition with him.

The drive there was a bit of a gong show. First off he kinda scared me as a driver. I've been in 5 car accidents now, none of which were my fault, and when people drive a recklessly it makes me really nervous. This guy drove a little too fast (90 in a 50 zone when there were cars everywhere) and tail-gated a little too close for my liking. He also told me that since he knows how to park a big SUV that it makes him a good driver and argued with me when I said that parking and driving were separate issues. Fast forward and we were sitting in slow traffic around the Vancouver Flea Market and had like 45 mins to get to GM Place. He decided that it was gonna take too long so he turns onto a side road... which was a dead end, and then another which was a dead end, so we ended up where we started. I suggested we just go back then and take the skytrain down. I tell him we can go to Rupert where we can park super close, but instead of taking us there he drives us near Nanaimo station and parks us like 5 blocks away at his grandma's. Did I mention it's pouring, we have no umbrella and my coat isn't even waterproof? I made him take us to where I suggested in the first place and it was a 30 second walk.

We got into our box at GM Place just in time for the start. I took White team and he took Blue. What I had to deal with now were his repetitive, douchebag jokes. Everyone who knows me knows that I can take a joke. It takes a LOT to offend me, and even I thought this guy was taking things too far. It got to the point where I kinda had to be a bitch back to him, because I could only laugh things off and be cordial for so long.

First it was one after another about the Canucks lack of "skills" at the Superskills... That was until I told him that if he was gonna joke about it at least make the joke funny. Then he made constant fun of Pyatt because my girlfriend had mentioned to him that I have a major crush. I told him Pyatt was "man-pretty" and he started calling him my "man-child" and kept it up... and up... and up. The way he was acting was like he was actually JEALOUS or something. He mentioned Pyatt was slow and I giggled it off saying that he's big so he has lots of wind resistance... but I can only be witty and laugh something off so many times. I said to him "Whatever, you know you would do him. You told me. In the car on the way here. You must have a bad memory or something."

Another annoying thing was that every time my team was down he kept telling me that I owed him pushups. It was funny the first time when he said I owed 20. But then I owed 40 and then 60 and then 120. I went from telling him "sure sure" to "not gonna happen" to "you're delusional" until he told me that he was going to MAKE me do them. Not the right thing to say to an intelligent, independent girl.

If I had a way of getting home I would have just left... but I didn't. The competition finally ended (my team with Pyatt on it won... take that asshole) and we drove home.

I assumed the hatred was mutual... until he messaged me the next day saying he had fun and wanted to hang out again. WHAT? How could he possibly think that went well?

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Candace said...

I know exactly who you went out with just by reading this and I couldn't agree more with your that's funny. My favourite of your blogs Dani! haha....