Monday, February 02, 2009

School's Out FOREVA!

I have officially grduated. (With honours I might add!) Whoo Hoo!!

Our grad ceremony the most disorganized thing ever. So I won't really mention it. Except that Cerina, Teddy and I finally got our cheque for our award-winning table clinic "Bling-Bling No No's." Hells yeah $83.33!

I also wrote my board exam the other day. That's what I need to pass so I can actually get my lisence and work. 4-6 weeks and I'll know! I'm pretty sure I passed but you can never be 100%.

Now it's time to look for work. So far I've been avoiding that like the plague. Ugh.

But... if anyone knows of a dentist that's hiring a hygienist let me know! Preferably in the valley... Langley, Surrey, Abby, White Rock etc. I don't think I can handle commuting over the bridge ever again.

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