Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Printed Blog ... Pick Me Pick Me!

The Printed Blog is exactly what it sounds like. A blog (well multiple blogs) that's printed (go figure!) in newspaper form. It's available both online and in select cities. (Sorry, not you Vancouver. Go back to sipping your latte while enjoying the view.)

While already available in Chicago and San Francisco they are planning on publishing in New York soon. But, more interestingly, they are also planning a special global issue.

From a Facebook message I recieved: 2 pages will be in Spanish; 2 pages will be in French; 2 pages will be in Hebrew; 2 pages will be in Chinese; and 2 pages will be in English. [They] are going to distribute the paper in Beijing, Tel Aviv, Paris, Madrid, London, Mexico City, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

(Hmmm still no Vancouver.)

Now, the important part. They are looking for people's blogs to use. Hmmm now let me think... who has a super-awesome blog? Oh yes... ME. For being in the paper I'd get a portion of revenue from the ads near my part... but more importantly I'd have my writing in print. Meaning: I would be one step close to officially being Carrie Bradshaw!

So basically, this is my version of kissing ass. Pick me blog Gods... Pick me!

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