Monday, February 09, 2009

One Drunken Thursday

It was one of my girlfriend's birthdays at the end of January so we went out to celebrate. We did dinner at U-Lounge in White Rock. I really like the appies there and the atmosphere is good, but the menu is very limited. The soups sounded yummy too (butternut squash or cauliflower with truffle oil), but aren't available at night.

After dinner we were deciding whether we wanted to head to Mirage for a bit, or head downtown to Brandi's... where a friend of a friend said he was headed tonight with Colin Farrell. I was designated driver, and I wasn't about to let my friend hang out at a 19-year-old person bar when she had the chance to meet a super hot Irishman, so to the peelers we headed!

At Brandi's I shared my first lap dance ever with my friend. It was... interesting. I guess it would have been more fun if I liked poon, but at least I can say I've done it. Cross that one off the bucket list.

One of the bartenders there was super cute and I spent a bunch of time talking to him. He's a stand-up comedian downtown, which is pretty cool. The other bartender (who was also super cute and a comedian too, but shorter than me ugh) invited us to stick around after closing for a drink, so we stayed for a while.

After closing my girlfriend whose birthday it was showed us her moves on the pole. She thought she was pretty good. Keywords she thought. Then the two girls started what I can only call an "improv-off" by acting out a scene in which they were runway models who were overdosing on cocaine. They were flailing on the ground having fake seizures and yelling things like "You did 8 grams of coke!" I almost peed myself laughing.

The cute bartender invited us to come out to a party... but I told him that it was more of sleepy cuddle time for me. He's like "But we don't have any blankets!" and I said jokingly "What about pillows?" Well they actually DO have pillows... so he grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the couch and we chilled there and snuggled. Then he kissed me. It was nice.

As we left he asked for my number. I gave it to him and said that he wasn't going to call me anyways. He said we'll see... He didn't. Colin Farrell never showed up either. I was happy though... it had been a while since I made out with a boy, and I was due. Maybe my game is back!

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