Monday, February 02, 2009

JT Update

My girlfriend dragged me out to the Mirage the other night. It was the 2-year anniversary of her getting engaged to the guy she is no longer with, so I figured I couldn't say no. Plus, who doesn't love being the oldest person at a club, right?

Danny Fernandez was there doing an appearance. He's the one that sings that song "You can be my private dancer" ... Not to be confused with Tina Turner's "I'm your private dancer... dancer for money!" He had added my gf to Facebook and had been messaging her and texting her so we went to the VIP area to say hi. Well he kissed us on the cheek and then ignored us. Not to be a groupie for a C-list celebrity (unlike the girls hanging over the edge of the velvet rope trying to get in) we took off. He was really short anyways.

My friend comes back from the bathroom and mentions that she saw this guy JT who I had sort of been seeing in March/April and he was excited to see me. Hazy on the details? I was too, so here are some reminders:

We'll See

The Hospital is the Place to Be

JT No Mo

We walk over to say hi. I wave... and JT jumps up, runs over and puts his arms around me and hugs me really tight. Then we stood there, in slow-dancing stance for like 5 minutes just talking. He apologized for how he acted before and told me that I'm an awesome girl and it was all his fault. He said that he wasn't fully over his ex then and he is now and has matured a lot. Then we kissed. A few times. I don't know what it is about him... but there is just this crazy instant undeniable chemistry. We had to take off and he told me we'd hang out the next day.

That night he was texting me and then we talked for a while. He couldn't hang out the next day because he worked late, so we did lunch the day after. Then we went back to his place and watched a movie and cuddled. It was really nice.

And then... drumroll please... I didn't hear from him for a week. Sound familiar? And what do I do? Call him on it! I am so NOT cool. I was like "Oh I didn't think I was gonna hear from you," and he asks "Why wouldn't you?" and I told him that I thought it was just like last time. He says that we haven't talked so how could he be acting like last time... but that was exactly the problem last time... that we DIDN'T talk.

And since that day I haven't heard from him again. I have officially given up... AGAIN. Doesn't matter how great things are when we're together if we never are!

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