Friday, February 13, 2009

Dream Big Danielle, Dream Big!

Last night I had a dream that I got with Chris Brown. I don't know if we did it in the dream... because usually in those type of dreams I can never actually see the guy's face, I just know they're hot. But, we definitely did a little kissing action.

The worst part though, was that in the dream I KNEW he was a WIFEBEATER and I DIDN'T CARE! I was saying "I still think you're a good guy," to him!

Honestly, what is WRONG with me? Maybe it's some Freudian thing and means something else completely? Help me out here psych majors!

Oh and speaking of that I also had a dream the other day that I was playing with baby tigers so if anyone knows what that means either I'm all ears.


Candace said...

out of pure interest i googled dreams on tigers...i found this:

"They are associated with power, wild beauty and intense sexual force. You will overcome opposition and rise to a high position in your way to enjoy luxuries with ease and pleasure."

Danielle said...


Zadaro said...

Stumbled across your blog and love the humor!...You know those rare dreams that all the sudden start to get really good and before you know it you're about to...And then something really shitty happens like your dead great grandfather walks in the room and wants to have a chat with you about aliens? And then as soon as you convince your dead great grandpa to go back to his grave, the woman, (or man in your case) has mysteriously left your room or is now knitting a sweater on the rocking chair in the corner, completely uninterested? Yea I had one of them last night and, well what a bummer. Sitting here thinking, I think my ratio of "good" dreams squandered by dead relatives to "good" dreams conquered with a sleeping smile is about 8/1. Ugh

Danielle said...

Well, my dreams don't often feature dead relatives... but they're always super long and crazy. And yeah, they aren't usually good... I usually have a whole bunch of weird tasks to figure out or I'm gonna get into trouble.