Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Sad Truth About Seniors... They Croak

As most of you know a requirement of me passing dental hygiene school was to do 104 hours of slave labour/advertising for my school... oh I mean VOLUNTEERING! Throughout my time doing this I worked at a wide variety of places with an even wider variety of people.

Some that I really enjoyed were the Vancouver Marathon ushering participants at the massage section because I got a free 40 minute massage while I was supposed to be working. It was great.

I also really enjoyed the Reilly Park Community Festival. There were so many volunteers that I barely had to do anything but walk around and eat different ethnic food all day (Indian, Vietnamese num num) and get my caricature taken. I urge anyone from Van to go to this... the food is amazing and CHEAP!

But... the one that will stick in my head forever is the South Granville Senior's Center bazaar. They put these on 2-3 times a year and there are garage sale items, and knit shit grannies made and cheap lunch. They also have a tonne of books at 50 cents each and I buy a box each time. It's like having a Chapters-Indigo card but better.

Anyways... working with the seniors can be... interesting. We all know that the way things have been done since the 1950's is the correct way to do things, right! Or feel the wrath of the old biddies!

At my most recent volunteer experience there something a little crazy happened. Two friends and I were on the advertising committee... meaning I walked around and handed out fliers and they jerked around and shopped. (I was gonna say jerked off but that's just wrong haha).

We got back to the center and the lady in charge was outside crying. We asked her why... and she said that there was a lady inside and they think she's dead. Well, she turned out to be dead all right... on the toilet. People had been using that bathroom for a half hour wondering what the hold up was while there was a dead person in the next stall. She had probably stroked out... while ummm "straining."

I know this is a senior's center and things like this are bound to happen... but it was sad because she didn't have ID on her and wasn't a regular at the center so no one recognized her. So... there was a good chance she attended because I gave her a flier! *Sniff sniff*

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