Thursday, January 29, 2009

oh what a night

The other weekend my girlfriend called and asked if I wanted to come over and watch the Canucks game with her and her boyfriend. I, having nothing better to do decided that would be fun. The Canucks lost and we decided to hit up a pub or restaurant.

We arrived at Moxies and got sat, where her boyfriend told the waitress he didn't want a menu. Then he left the table for a few minutes. While he was gone we decided we wanted to get some appies so we ordered, thinking he didn't want anything since he rejected his menu. Well when he got back to the table he freaked out that we had ordered without him. We apologized and then the couple continued to fight.

It was not fun. I was sitting there awkwardly trying to make the peace but it didn't work. Her boyfriend walked out and left. She was obviously upset, so she had a few tequila shots and we decided to go to the bar to drink and dance our problems away.

The whole time we had been there a couple was in the booth across from us acting all lovey-dovey. Once my friend's boyfriend left the girl came to our table and asked if they could buy us a drink. Well of course we obliged! And had some shooters too! Then we all left and our new friends drove us to Sharks Club... Where they bought us even more drinks!

It was like being on vacation, how you make friends with random couples... but we were in good ol' Lang-town!

Once the night ended they even drove us home. It was great!

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