Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Years '09

I've decided someting. New Years is the most over-rated holiday ever. Know why? 'Cause you plan for it too much. Every time I plan on getting wasted I either a) have a few drinks and then don't really feel like drinking anymore, or b) end up so wasted I puke and want to sleep. Neither are very fun.

Plus there's the paying like 50 bucks to get into a club that usually costs $10 or I don't ususally pay to get into anyways. Then there's the incessant waiting for a cab and running around downtown Vancouver freezing my ass off in a lil dress, waving my arms and screaming "Over here!"

I usually hit up a pub for New Years... I like the free champagne at midnight and the noisemakers and the stupid, sparky hats. This year I went to a fancy party at a hotel, barely heard the countdown cus the DJ didn't even bother announcing it, and you needed a drink ticket to get a measly ounce of champagne. There were also way too many old people there (well by old I mean like 35 but it's a party!) The old people would have been acceptable had they not been making out on the stairs, in line, at the coatcheck and everywhere else I turned.

Next year I need to go to a house party. Maybe I'll have one if I can drag my friends' asses out to Langley. What do you guys think? We can raid my parent's liquor cabinet, just like the old days!

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