Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Name Frames

It all started with this:

A few years ago as I was sitting in physics class (college, not high school... it wasn't THAT long ago) and obviously I was bored. It was physics. To entertain us one of the guys started to make all our names out of pretzels which for some reason fascinated me, so I kept mine and framed it.

Fast forward hmmm 5 years (ok maybe it WAS a long time ago) and my friend Cerina commented that she liked it. So it gave me an idea for Christmas. This is what I made her:

Then it got me thinking that I needed to make this for everyone, and really personalize it. For Cerina I would have ideally made it out of Twix, but I don't think that's really summer-friendly. Next came Teddy's. If he is known for anything it's being an asking-for-gum-whore. Take a look:

After Ted's I made Jaelene's. Jaelene LOVES Sephora. A Sephora store is like a mothership pulling in its baby Jae. So this is what I made her:

Lastly, I made Dawna-the-Starbucks-lover's. To make this one I had to face the rage of an angry Starbucks manager because their stir sticks are apparently not for "arts and crafts." Hmm I heard today that 'bucks is doing a huge downsizing. Good luck biotch! Anyhoo here's hers:

Next I'm thinking of making one for my girlfriend's birthday. I don't think I can stop 'til everyone has one, I just love 'em!

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Anonymous said...

I want one! you know when my birthday is...