Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ghosts, Goblins and Idiot Boyfriend

Halloween was a bit of a shit show. Me and "Nick Lachey" had gotten tickets to go to Caprice with some of his peeps and my friends Cerina and Teddy were supposed to come too. Cerina and I had planned to go as 80's aerobics instructors... me neon pink, her fluorescent yellow. Anyways, those dumbass friends of mine waited too long to get tix and unfortunately didn't make it out. Too bad... they might have saved my sanity later on.

I met Nick at his house where he was getting ready. He was going as the Joker from the Dark Knight... nurse dress and all. I did his makeup for him and I must say I did a fantastic job. There were probably 3-4 jokers there that night and his was the best costume. I normally don't show pics of the guys I blog about... mainly because I don't wanna get sued for libel haha... but since he is in disguise I will break that rule one time. His makeup looked better before he got wasted and smudged it up.

On the way to the club we had a few drinks in the car. He actually brought limes and a knife in his backpack to do tequila shooters. Smart move or drunkass move? The jury is still out. By the time we hit the parking lot he was WASTED. And I mean not just drunk... but so drunk he was yelling stupid comments (about parts of a girl that might smell a lil fishy) and talking to bums and acting like he was literally retarded. I kinda felt like a babysitter.

Luckily a few of his friend that I knew got there before us so we hopped into line with them and I hung out with them most of the night... because Nick was off with his sister taking pics with almost every girl in the club. And in EVERY pic he was throwing up a peace sign. ALL of them. I mean yeah... everyone wishes they were Asian sometimes, but keep it to a minimum!

We're sitting at our table just chilling... and my drink is about halfway empty. This girl we were with who I don't know throws her used gum into my drink. I'm like "Ummm hey! I was only halfway done my drink!" and she's like "Oh... Sorry." She didn't offer to buy me a new drink or anything and her friend was looking at me like "I can't believe she just did that." I state: "OK! Next round's on you!" but she apparently still didn't get it. Oh well.

As the night night progressed I saw Nick a few times. Eventually I had enough and sat texting my friends in the corner all night. Finally we took off and were going to get some food... I really wanted Su Hangs (spelling??) but instead just went through a drive thru.

We got back to Nick's house where I was supposed to sleep over and instead I just grabbed my shit and left.

He didn't call me, I didn't call him... and that was the end of that.

Happy Halloween!

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vancityrockgirl said...

well i'm happy your blog is back...
but damn. you gotta work on your taste in men, lol.
that guy sounds like an assclown.