Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another bad date? Noooo that would never happen to me!

Oh yes it would!

I had been talking to this guy around November/December and we were supposed to go out one night for dinner. He was from Burnaby and said that he didn't mind coming out to Langley and for me to pick a spot. I told him to meet me at 7 at the Milestones on Highway 10 and 200th street. I figured that was easy to find and he didn't want directions.

I get there at about 7:05 and give him a call to see where he was. Well he was up near Colossus Theatre driving around looking for Milestones. I was like "Ummm you're like 10-15 mins away... Did you look it up on the internet?" and he says he did. Well apparently map reading is a skill he doesn't yet possess.

So I give him directions from there. I tell him to take a left at Willowbrook Drive which is after 64th and that there's a McDonalds on the corner. Pretty easy.

He calls me again 10 mins later and asks "If I hit the train tracks did I go too far?" Hell yeah you did buddy! So then he turned around and on the way back had to wait for the fricking train! I told him that he's super close and he will see the HSBC on the corner and it's in that parking lot.

As I'm waiting I'm getting really annoyed. He didn't want my help in the first place, and then when I give him simple directions he can't even follow them? Come on! I was thinking about just leaving when he called back: "So... It's by the HSBC?" YEP... that's what I told you 60 seconds earlier is it not?

So after showing up like 25 minutes late he apologizes and tells me that since he was later dinner's on him. I wanted to say "It was on you anyways" since HE did ask ME to dinner... but I kept it in.

Part of dinner was ok. I had a coupon for a free appy and we had cajun popcorn shrimp which were amazing and then I had seafood pasta which was also good. Unfortunately the conversation didn't fulfill me as much as the eats. He kept asking me questions I'd answered before and when a guy doesn't listen to me it's one of my pet peeves.

We ended the date with him wanting to hang out and me saying I had to go. He called me a few days later. Needless to say I didn't return the call.

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