Sunday, January 11, 2009

2 days 2 dates

Bachelor #1 - Friday
Cute and smart med student
Likes to read
Laughs when I beak him off

Bachelor #2 - Saturday
Cute and knows a lot of the same people I do
Abby boy
A lot of fun

I met up with buddy at the Joey's downtown and it was super busy so we headed to Earl's instead, sat at the bar and had a few appies and drinks. I love Earl's martinis... Wild Orchid=Yum. We had so much fun. I just felt like it was one of those days I was totally "on" and just being SO funny. I spent like the whole time making fun of him. We talked about everything: books, our families, school. He would let little inuendos slip, which is usually a good sign. He was pretty cute too except he was wearing this horrid necklace. I told myself that if he wears it on our next date I'll be like "So did someone make that for you?" and hear the story and if it seems to mean something to him forget it, and if he just got it at a flea market to say "That is the ugliest thing I've ever seen, I forbid you to wear it again." At one point I left to go to the bathroom and when I came back he was like "Ok I'll walk you to your car now." I was like "Uh-oh what did I say?" but I'm pretty sure I said nothing wrong so maybe he's just a bit of a social retard. He walked me to my car and told me he really wants to hang out again, but that he has finals coming up (as did I) and it would be a few weeks, but that he'd be in touch. We FB messaged back and forth for a bit, but then it fizzled. I guess 3 weeks apart when you barely know each other is not exactly a good relationship builder. As they say: Absence makes the heart grow absent.

Buddy numero deux picked me up at my house where we headed to Brown's Social House. I hadn't had dinner, and he had, so we ordered some chili chicken to share and had a few drinks. He then decided we needed some shots. Well, it's a date, not a night at the bar, but I figured why not. After a few more drinks we decided we needed something to do, so I suggested we hit up my house for a little Wii and Guitar Hero action. He agreed, but not without first asking me if we had booze there. We got home and played some bowling and I mixed up some cocktails. About 10 minutes later he needed a refill. At this point I'm pretty drunk due to like 4 drinks and a shooter on lack of dinner, so I refrained. We then headed downstairs to play some tunes. For some reason I could NOT get my Playstation to work which was pissing me off (I later discovered that the little FOB thing wasn't attached grr). So... we headed back upstairs. His friends had been calling him over the course of the night to tell him that they first were at T-Bars (to which he told me I knew I wanted to go) and then they headed to Shark Club. He wanted us to go meet up with them. I wasn't really in the mood to hang out with like 6 guys so I declined and told him to go if he wanted to, 'cause I was tired anyways. I suggested we could just chill and watch a movie. Well, he went. He then proceeded to call me at like 2:30 in the morning and wake me up to ask if he should come over. I was like "I'm sleeping!!" and hung up. You left me... you get no booty call! Here's a hint for next time buddy: pay a little more attention to the girl, and a little less attention to your need to get drunk.

Out of 2 dates in 2 days nothing really worked out. The moral of the story: I'm definitely not cut out to be a P.I.M.P.

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