Saturday, December 27, 2008

Theo Tams, Canadian Idol

My sister's husband's cousin won Canadian Idol this year. His name is Theo Tams, and he's actually really good.

I know no one really watches that show and the winners go nowhere except maybe to play concerts at "Gabby's", hence they aren't even going to make Canadian Idol anymore... but he's an awesome singer, not to mention musician. He's classically trained in piano, and self-taught in guitar.

If you're one of those people who just watch the first few rounds to see all the shitty singers you may recognize him as the sweaty armpit guy.

In one of the first rounds he sang "Angel" by Sarah McLaughlan and it brings on goosebumps.

As Idol went on I told everyone to vote. I even got one of the old dentists at my school to vote... Even though she only did it because she thought he was MY cousin... Not my "cousin-in law" that I haven't actually met yet.

For the finale we had my sister's husband's whole family over to watch on our big screen and we were all screaming when he won.

I finally heard his song on the radio the other day (QMFM baby... love it!) Well, the song is called Sing, and it kinda sucks... but it's the Idol song, so what do you expect. Hopefully his CD to come will display his true talent.

Here some of his performances that don't suck:

Besides these there are a huge amount on YouTube... just search him.

He's actually pretty cute too. Even though he kinda looks like my brother-in-law. Jury's still out on straight vs gay. Well, when I say that I mean I don't know, he probably does.


Anonymous said...

Hey Danielle,

I am one of those people who DOES watch that show and I have to say that you are absolutely right....Theo is really good.(great even!) I noticed that the first time the "sweaty armpit guy" opened his mouth to sing, and he proved it again and again every week throughout the summer. His keyboard skills are excellent, and when he puts that together with his incredible voice and his natural emotion....well, all people have to do is take a look at the performances that you listed that "don't suck" to find out what I mean....Collide and Good Mother were probably my 2 favourites, by the way ;-)

You might want to consider adding Theo's version of a few of his other about Long and Winding Road, Heaven, and Weak in the Knees from the night of the season finale? Talk about goosebumps!

I am not surprised that Theo won this year, and I believe that if anyone who came out of this show can make something of the opportunity that they are given by winning, then Theo definitely can. He is already an experienced songwriter, and as you said, an awesome musician.

I do agree with you somewhat about the radio version of Theo's winning single...I wouldn't say it sucks, but it definitely doesn't showcase Theo's vocal skills in the way that it should. That's probably because they rushed production of it so that it would be ready for release at the end of the show. If you have ever heard it live you would see that it's much better than the recorded version.

I have had the privilege of being able to see Theo live several times this fall and winter and all I can say is that unless you see it for yourself you don't get the full effect of how talented he really is. Very few performers have the ability to bring a full theater to silence while they sing and play the piano, but Theo did it at every show that I was at.....the audience was simply in awe of him, and it was incredible to see. Add to that the fact that Theo is once of the nicest people you could ever meet, and you've got huge potential for success!

I look forward to Theo's upcoming album this March, and his solo tour later next year. I have no doubt that if Theo is given the input that he deserves in this project, then he is going to be around for a long time.

I hope you're planning on going to see him on tour if he has a date near you ;-)


Anonymous said...

I'm not one of those who watches the show all the time, but I do tune in to the auditions to see if there are any worthwhile contestants. Most years, I end up tuning out right after the auditions, but this season, one caught my eye (and ear) immediately. When Theo stepped up for his audition, I thought "poor guy" due to them picking on him about the sweat stains, but then he opened his mouth, and I was totally captivated. As soon as his audition ended, I called my friend (who wasn't watching the show) and told her that this guy would win this year. It didn't matter that I hadn't heard many other auditioners. I knew that I had just heard something special. I continued to watch the show simply to see how he did each and every week.

By the time they got into the Top 10, I knew I had to go and hear Theo sing live, so I started attending the performance shows each week (always with a Theo sign in hand to show my support). I'm happy to say that I lucked out and got a ticket to the finale as well, and I was yelling and dancing in the balcony when his name was called! (And might I add that I had a sore dialing finger every Tuesday morning as well from constantly hitting "redial" on my phone for two hours the night before!) ;-)

I've since had the opportunity to see him in concert several times, and each and every show has been a total pleasure. He's definitely a true artist, and he has the ability to make the audience feel the emotion of a song. There are some numbers he does that leaves them totally spellbound and in complete awe - Weak in the Knees in particular, but he did it with Angel as well in the final show of the tour. It's hard to explain the electricity that runs through the audience during these numbers unless you've been there and experienced it for yourself. And the other great thing about hearing him live is that he never performs a song the same way twice.

I own a copy of "Unexpected", so I know that Theo is also an accomplished songwriter as well as an experienced musician and singer. He is the whole package, and I seriously hope that Sony realizes what they have in this young man and don't try to change him into their view of what he should be. Let him be himself because he truly is an artist.

As for Sing, I was a bit disappointed that it was so overproduced, but I know that as the winning single, it had to be rushed out. I wish they had let a bit more of Theo's true vocals shine though on it (as they do whenever he performs the song live), but I was happy to see that his beautiful Christmas tunes were sounding much more like he truly does.

Melony is also right about Theo being one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. I've had the pleasure of speaking to him on many occasions, and he is charming, warm, and sincere.

I'm hoping Sony allows him a lot of input into his upcoming CD. Theo seems to have a very good grasp on what works best for him. That's probably not something record people are used to with a young artist, but I'm hoping they will see that in him and truly listen to his input, allowing him to help with the decision making. If they do, the end result will be an amazing CD, and I can't want to hear it! And of course I am also looking forward to a solo tour by him. Theo can be amazing on CD, but there is still nothing like hearing this man sing live!

The sky truly is the limit for this amazing young Canadian talent!

Sue in Toronto

Danielle said...

Ok people... It's come to my attention that all the videos I linked to have been removed due to violation of rights or some shit.

I'm not going to re-link them because the new ones will probably get removed... so just search the titles. You can still find them!

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