Tuesday, December 30, 2008

not-so-single danielle?

The unthinkable has happened! Well, kinda.

I had a boyfriend! Well, kinda.

It was about a month... so that totally counts right?

Anyways here are the deets:

The dude, whom I will refer to as Nick Lachey, was gorgeous. I mean super good looking in a way that every time I saw him again I was like "Sigh... Thank goodness he's as good looking as the last time I saw him." I think if he hit the gym a little more and waxed his chest he could be an underwear model. I'm not kidding!

He also had a steady job, a nice condo, a truck, was close with his family and was funny and fun.

We had an awesome first date... and then started hanging out a few times a week after that. We watched movies and had Chinese food and played Playstation. We got along really well and everything seemed to be going really great. We even went to each other's Thanksgiving dinners. His mom loved me because I brought a bottle of wine and was the only kid that offered to help with the dishes.

He wasn't that good of a kisser, but I figured he would learn.

Gradually though he started doing things that just kinda bugged me:
  • He didn't really learn (see above sentence.)
  • He decided he wanted to get a job bartending at a club... just for fun when he had never bartended before and had a good-paying job.
  • He seemed to drink and drive too much. He would say he was fine, but I think he wasn't.
  • One night he was hanging out at home drinking with his sister, who was drunk and passed out, so he went to the club by himself and did shots. Come on!
  • He told me that he steals drill bits from Home Depot.
  • We could never pick a movie to rent, because he didn't like movies with "too much talking" because he "couldn't follow the storyline." End quote.
  • He hadn't had a teeth cleaning in a few years. It just grossed me out. And I'm obviously a teeth person. Also his teeth were crooked, although I won't deny that the though of "I can get him braces when we get married" crossed my mind.
  • Him and his sister seemed to have one of those too-close relationships. Like that episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel are dating the brother and sister that had tickle wars and took baths together. Something just seemed wrong.

Everything was adding up, to the point where I would start to get frustrated and take it out on him, even though he hadn't really done anything wrong to me personally. I just kept wanting things to would work out ... because he was just so good looking. And I was really enjoying having a boyfriend for once. I guess that will teach me to judge a book by its cover.

Anyways... Everything came to a screeching halt at Halloween. Read on...

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