Saturday, December 27, 2008

New guy: Ky ... yep, it rhymes.

I guess I should start with a guy we shall call Ky. We went out on a first date which was really great. We met for coffee, then headed to Wonderland (yep, refuse to call it "Castle Fun Park") to play some mini golf, then went out for a nice dinner and finished the night with a movie. It was one of those great first dates that just goes forever. At the end he kissed me once, a little peck, and told me that's all I get.

I guess it was foreshadowing when he told me he wanted to hang out the next night, but it just seemed cute at the time.

We hung out the next night and everything was great again. We watched another movie all cuddled up on the couch... and did some major making out 'til like 3 in the morning.

The next day he wanted to hang out AGAIN, but I went to a wedding (ahem JAYME shout out!) The wedding was nice and they had a chocolate fountain and my parents kept trying to hook me up with the sons of the other parents they were sitting with. One of the sons used to change my oil all the time at Great Canadian Oil Change in Abby.

I didn't see Ky for a day or two because I was busy with school (during which someone pointed out that I had a huge hickey on my neck... Great! I somehow for the wedding had not even noticed it was there, but coincidentally had done a side ponytail) ... and then I went away to Molson Canadian Megakeg.

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