Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Give it up buddy!

A week or two after I ditched Ky running for my life he decided that messaging me was a good idea after I'd ignored his last few texts and messages on Facebook. Here's how it went:

thats cool

how have u been how was ur weekend

school has been so well not fun yeah

ive tried texting to see what u were up to

must have been busy totally understandable u must be hahahame

me me ohh boy

and hey i never really got a chance to talk to u about things really clear the air


yes i was totally wrong for rushing into things i totally see that and have now for some time

a little to late ............... hey

i wish we could have become really close as friends first and then if that attraction was there let it go where it would go but yeah

i sprinted in instead of pacing myself i again apologize

i see how it could be too much too soon and overwhelmingit was a big mistake

i do so want to be friends with u and develop our friendship greatly as we barely even have much of one yet sooo

let me know what u think about that and get back to me when u have time and feel ready no rushing this time k dont worry i promise not to make it like that ever again k

it was soo wrong but yeah i hope ur parents are doing well and say hi maybe we could do dinner at the keg one night and ill get us a discount hey hahahahahaha but yeah ur dad could probably like that hahaah

and for you i hope school is going well and im sure someone and the right someone will find u danielle ur really a kind and very attractable person who is incredibly intelligent and beautiful all at the same time

so i hope we can be alot better friends so u too can really genuinely and me too get to know each other

Yeah. I know. First of all English please! He's not ESL or anything, but I feel like I need an English-Ky dictionary! So after some careful consideration of how to get rid of him for good while being as nice about it as possible, without leading him on this is what I replied:

Ok Ky... I don't really think we have anything to talk about, or clear the air about. We dated... briefly... and it didn't work... So we decided to be friends.

Honestly though, I had to tell you to chill out with the dating because you were a little too much... and even as friends I feel smothered. It's just too much for me to handle.

You are texting me three times a weekend to hang out... and then two or three times during the week. I don't even talk to my best friends that often.

There is nothing to apologize for... so you don't need to say sorry. We are obviously just looking for different things... and I'm too independent a person for you.

Friendship isn't something you should need to force. You don't just decide... "Hey, I'm going to be friends with that person." and then make it happen. It's something that happens naturally on its own. And this is forced.

As it is right now.... I don't want to be mean, but I just need some space. If I want to hang out I'll call you.

I hope you can respect how I feel. I think you are a nice guy, and will make some girl happy someday, it just won't be me.

Whatta ya think? To the point but hopefully not too bitchy?

Around this point he actually messaged me another message saying that he had lost his phone and all his numbers and would I please send him both my home and cell digits. Wow... sometimes I think there really is a God!

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