Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Aftermath

After Mega Keg Ky called and wanted me to stop by because he had something to ask/tell me, and it was really important.

So, I stopped at Ky's house after school and he did just what I thought he was going to do: asked me to be his girlfriend.

It was a little premature, considering that we had only gone on 2 dates, but he was cute and sweet and I agreed that although I didn't want a title yet that we could be exclusive and see where it went.

I also pointed out my TWO hickeys and told him that he gave me them and that he better not do it again. So what if that was a bit of an embellishment? It was a half-truth!

A few days went by... and I started to feel smothered. He called constantly, and always wanted to hang out. It also really bothered me that he was Mr-glass-half-full and loved EVERYTHING. He thought he was a good singer, he told me how his brother is fantastic at playing the tuba, he complimented everything I said and did, for example if I recognized a song on the radio he was super impressed, he liked every movie... even dance movies like Stomp the Yard. He would agree with pretty much everything I said and do everything I told him to. I mean, I admit I'm a bit of an attention whore, and also pretty bossy, so you'd think I'd enjoy this... but it was just too much.

That weekend I went out to the Roxy with some girlfriends and had told him that he could stop by if he wanted. He was all over me that night... by my side, holding my hand (and yet, didn't buy me one drink... must have spend it all on his $50,000 super Asian car.) I escaped for a few minutes with the girlfriend of his friend to grab a drink, where I happened to mention that it was all a lot to handle. After a while I went off to dance with the girls... He came up to me, and says "So, I hear you think I'm clingy!"

I refused to have a heart-to-heart with him on the dance floor at a club, so I dragged him into the corner and we had a chat. I told him that it was all too much for me and I was feeling smothered and needed some space etc... and he told me he would back off. Everything seemed ok.

I went off to dance with the girls again and he walked up and was like "I'm leaving!" and took off. He seemed kinda peeved, but I didn't really care.

We left the club about a half hour later and I see like 2 missed calls and a few texts from him. They were saying things like did I even want him there that night and that he deserved an explaination. I wrote back that these texts were an example of what we had JUST talked about and he was proving my point.

Then he phoned me and I had to take about 40 minutes to dump him. He just wasn't getting it. And we had only been together for like a week and a half!! It was horrible.

Word to the wise: watch the stalker signs. If he seems too into you at the beginning, RUN!

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