Tuesday, December 30, 2008

not-so-single danielle?

The unthinkable has happened! Well, kinda.

I had a boyfriend! Well, kinda.

It was about a month... so that totally counts right?

Anyways here are the deets:

The dude, whom I will refer to as Nick Lachey, was gorgeous. I mean super good looking in a way that every time I saw him again I was like "Sigh... Thank goodness he's as good looking as the last time I saw him." I think if he hit the gym a little more and waxed his chest he could be an underwear model. I'm not kidding!

He also had a steady job, a nice condo, a truck, was close with his family and was funny and fun.

We had an awesome first date... and then started hanging out a few times a week after that. We watched movies and had Chinese food and played Playstation. We got along really well and everything seemed to be going really great. We even went to each other's Thanksgiving dinners. His mom loved me because I brought a bottle of wine and was the only kid that offered to help with the dishes.

He wasn't that good of a kisser, but I figured he would learn.

Gradually though he started doing things that just kinda bugged me:
  • He didn't really learn (see above sentence.)
  • He decided he wanted to get a job bartending at a club... just for fun when he had never bartended before and had a good-paying job.
  • He seemed to drink and drive too much. He would say he was fine, but I think he wasn't.
  • One night he was hanging out at home drinking with his sister, who was drunk and passed out, so he went to the club by himself and did shots. Come on!
  • He told me that he steals drill bits from Home Depot.
  • We could never pick a movie to rent, because he didn't like movies with "too much talking" because he "couldn't follow the storyline." End quote.
  • He hadn't had a teeth cleaning in a few years. It just grossed me out. And I'm obviously a teeth person. Also his teeth were crooked, although I won't deny that the though of "I can get him braces when we get married" crossed my mind.
  • Him and his sister seemed to have one of those too-close relationships. Like that episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel are dating the brother and sister that had tickle wars and took baths together. Something just seemed wrong.

Everything was adding up, to the point where I would start to get frustrated and take it out on him, even though he hadn't really done anything wrong to me personally. I just kept wanting things to would work out ... because he was just so good looking. And I was really enjoying having a boyfriend for once. I guess that will teach me to judge a book by its cover.

Anyways... Everything came to a screeching halt at Halloween. Read on...

Give it up buddy!

A week or two after I ditched Ky running for my life he decided that messaging me was a good idea after I'd ignored his last few texts and messages on Facebook. Here's how it went:

thats cool

how have u been how was ur weekend

school has been so well not fun yeah

ive tried texting to see what u were up to

must have been busy totally understandable u must be hahahame

me me ohh boy

and hey i never really got a chance to talk to u about things really clear the air


yes i was totally wrong for rushing into things i totally see that and have now for some time

a little to late ............... hey

i wish we could have become really close as friends first and then if that attraction was there let it go where it would go but yeah

i sprinted in instead of pacing myself i again apologize

i see how it could be too much too soon and overwhelmingit was a big mistake

i do so want to be friends with u and develop our friendship greatly as we barely even have much of one yet sooo

let me know what u think about that and get back to me when u have time and feel ready no rushing this time k dont worry i promise not to make it like that ever again k

it was soo wrong but yeah i hope ur parents are doing well and say hi maybe we could do dinner at the keg one night and ill get us a discount hey hahahahahaha but yeah ur dad could probably like that hahaah

and for you i hope school is going well and im sure someone and the right someone will find u danielle ur really a kind and very attractable person who is incredibly intelligent and beautiful all at the same time

so i hope we can be alot better friends so u too can really genuinely and me too get to know each other

Yeah. I know. First of all English please! He's not ESL or anything, but I feel like I need an English-Ky dictionary! So after some careful consideration of how to get rid of him for good while being as nice about it as possible, without leading him on this is what I replied:

Ok Ky... I don't really think we have anything to talk about, or clear the air about. We dated... briefly... and it didn't work... So we decided to be friends.

Honestly though, I had to tell you to chill out with the dating because you were a little too much... and even as friends I feel smothered. It's just too much for me to handle.

You are texting me three times a weekend to hang out... and then two or three times during the week. I don't even talk to my best friends that often.

There is nothing to apologize for... so you don't need to say sorry. We are obviously just looking for different things... and I'm too independent a person for you.

Friendship isn't something you should need to force. You don't just decide... "Hey, I'm going to be friends with that person." and then make it happen. It's something that happens naturally on its own. And this is forced.

As it is right now.... I don't want to be mean, but I just need some space. If I want to hang out I'll call you.

I hope you can respect how I feel. I think you are a nice guy, and will make some girl happy someday, it just won't be me.

Whatta ya think? To the point but hopefully not too bitchy?

Around this point he actually messaged me another message saying that he had lost his phone and all his numbers and would I please send him both my home and cell digits. Wow... sometimes I think there really is a God!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reverse Dating Racism

Reverse racism. Well first off I don't like the word. There is nothing reverse about it. Why is it racism when it's going from a white person to anyone else and reverse racism when someone is racist against a white person? Racism is the act of judging a person based on their race, whatever it is. The way I see it, either way it's just racism.

Anyways, with that out of the way I'd like to ask why there aren't any dating websites dedicated to white people? Please see the plethora of non-white person dating sites below:

Guess what's missing from these ads? Blonde haired, blue eyed girls, that's what! But do you think I could go and invent a whites-only dating site? Nope! Racism at it's best!

Theo Tams, Canadian Idol

My sister's husband's cousin won Canadian Idol this year. His name is Theo Tams, and he's actually really good.

I know no one really watches that show and the winners go nowhere except maybe to play concerts at "Gabby's", hence they aren't even going to make Canadian Idol anymore... but he's an awesome singer, not to mention musician. He's classically trained in piano, and self-taught in guitar.

If you're one of those people who just watch the first few rounds to see all the shitty singers you may recognize him as the sweaty armpit guy.

In one of the first rounds he sang "Angel" by Sarah McLaughlan and it brings on goosebumps.

As Idol went on I told everyone to vote. I even got one of the old dentists at my school to vote... Even though she only did it because she thought he was MY cousin... Not my "cousin-in law" that I haven't actually met yet.

For the finale we had my sister's husband's whole family over to watch on our big screen and we were all screaming when he won.

I finally heard his song on the radio the other day (QMFM baby... love it!) Well, the song is called Sing, and it kinda sucks... but it's the Idol song, so what do you expect. Hopefully his CD to come will display his true talent.

Here some of his performances that don't suck:

Besides these there are a huge amount on YouTube... just search him.

He's actually pretty cute too. Even though he kinda looks like my brother-in-law. Jury's still out on straight vs gay. Well, when I say that I mean I don't know, he probably does.

The Aftermath

After Mega Keg Ky called and wanted me to stop by because he had something to ask/tell me, and it was really important.

So, I stopped at Ky's house after school and he did just what I thought he was going to do: asked me to be his girlfriend.

It was a little premature, considering that we had only gone on 2 dates, but he was cute and sweet and I agreed that although I didn't want a title yet that we could be exclusive and see where it went.

I also pointed out my TWO hickeys and told him that he gave me them and that he better not do it again. So what if that was a bit of an embellishment? It was a half-truth!

A few days went by... and I started to feel smothered. He called constantly, and always wanted to hang out. It also really bothered me that he was Mr-glass-half-full and loved EVERYTHING. He thought he was a good singer, he told me how his brother is fantastic at playing the tuba, he complimented everything I said and did, for example if I recognized a song on the radio he was super impressed, he liked every movie... even dance movies like Stomp the Yard. He would agree with pretty much everything I said and do everything I told him to. I mean, I admit I'm a bit of an attention whore, and also pretty bossy, so you'd think I'd enjoy this... but it was just too much.

That weekend I went out to the Roxy with some girlfriends and had told him that he could stop by if he wanted. He was all over me that night... by my side, holding my hand (and yet, didn't buy me one drink... must have spend it all on his $50,000 super Asian car.) I escaped for a few minutes with the girlfriend of his friend to grab a drink, where I happened to mention that it was all a lot to handle. After a while I went off to dance with the girls... He came up to me, and says "So, I hear you think I'm clingy!"

I refused to have a heart-to-heart with him on the dance floor at a club, so I dragged him into the corner and we had a chat. I told him that it was all too much for me and I was feeling smothered and needed some space etc... and he told me he would back off. Everything seemed ok.

I went off to dance with the girls again and he walked up and was like "I'm leaving!" and took off. He seemed kinda peeved, but I didn't really care.

We left the club about a half hour later and I see like 2 missed calls and a few texts from him. They were saying things like did I even want him there that night and that he deserved an explaination. I wrote back that these texts were an example of what we had JUST talked about and he was proving my point.

Then he phoned me and I had to take about 40 minutes to dump him. He just wasn't getting it. And we had only been together for like a week and a half!! It was horrible.

Word to the wise: watch the stalker signs. If he seems too into you at the beginning, RUN!


Wow... this is hard. Those postings only take us until the end of August. I really need to lay off the booze if I want these memories to be clear!

Mega Keg

A friend of mine that works for Coors Light invited me and a girlfriend, along with two other guy friends, to come out to Molson Canadian MegaKeg. It's one of those win-to-get-in parties, but apparently they like a few extra gals so it's not too much of a sausage fest.

We were supposed to take a bus from Vancouver, and the 2 boys did, but my girlfriend had to work, so we drove out to the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel ourselves, sipping disgusting energy drinks with WAY too much vodka in them. As we pulled up we saw some guys checking into the hotel who looked kinda familiar. I was like "Oh, apparently the mystery band is GOB." I would also like to mention that the front door guy was cute.

It was just PISSING rain and everyone was out back soaked and drunk. And the hotel rooms weren't ready yet... So what did we do? Well drink the vodka we'd packed of course!

We got settled and I realized that I knew one of the guys in the hotel room below us... so we went down to their room just long enough to drink their booze and eat their pizza. Yum.

After dinner and it was time for the mystery band concert. It was not great, but who cares, it was free. I spent most of the time talking to this one cute guy from Kelowna. Until my friend who had gotten us the tix showed up and then all of a sudden I was making out with him all night.

We went up to his room for a drink and hung out on the balcony, and I refused to sleep with him and he pinned me down and gave me a huge hickey. That made two hickeys I had gotten in like 5 days from two different guys. I don't know if that makes me a slut or just unfortunate.

I had totally lost my girlfriend, then found her, then got kicked out of my room so she could do it all night with one of my guy friends. I ended up sleeping in a room with the other... who was super chatty and crawled into bed with me. I waited for him to fall asleep and then slept in the other bed. I need my space!

We woke up in the morning and dragged our asses to IHOP for some breakie. The best thing was what the waitress offered us to drink, "Coffee, Coke, Beer?" Wow...

Can't wait til next year!

New guy: Ky ... yep, it rhymes.

I guess I should start with a guy we shall call Ky. We went out on a first date which was really great. We met for coffee, then headed to Wonderland (yep, refuse to call it "Castle Fun Park") to play some mini golf, then went out for a nice dinner and finished the night with a movie. It was one of those great first dates that just goes forever. At the end he kissed me once, a little peck, and told me that's all I get.

I guess it was foreshadowing when he told me he wanted to hang out the next night, but it just seemed cute at the time.

We hung out the next night and everything was great again. We watched another movie all cuddled up on the couch... and did some major making out 'til like 3 in the morning.

The next day he wanted to hang out AGAIN, but I went to a wedding (ahem JAYME shout out!) The wedding was nice and they had a chocolate fountain and my parents kept trying to hook me up with the sons of the other parents they were sitting with. One of the sons used to change my oil all the time at Great Canadian Oil Change in Abby.

I didn't see Ky for a day or two because I was busy with school (during which someone pointed out that I had a huge hickey on my neck... Great! I somehow for the wedding had not even noticed it was there, but coincidentally had done a side ponytail) ... and then I went away to Molson Canadian Megakeg.


I am offically finished school. Well about 10 days ago now. And that means I have a lot of time on my hands to actually blog. Try not to get confused... but the next few posts happened over the span of about 6 months. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the last half year of my life...