Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pastor Kelly

Having our cousin Kelly, the post-pastor, come to perform my sister's wedding ceremony was really an eye opener. We were starting to get closer to him and his wife, as they'd come to stay a few times, but I never really knew how he stood on religion.

After talking to him about it though I developed a new respect. While although he obviously believes in God, he doesn't believe everything in the bible, or take it all literally. He believes that the stories in the bible are metaphors of good ways to live our lives.

He also doesn't neccessarily believe that Jesus is the divine son of God. Back in ancient times "Born of a virgin" meant that a woman got pregnant the first time she had sex, meaning she was a virgin before. So Mary may have been a virg before she boinked Joseph. Also, some of the things they call Jesus, like "Lord" and "The King of Kings" and "The Son of God" are things they used to call Casear.

He's also done a lot of reasearch about back when they put together the King James version of the bible (the one basically everyone uses today) and was telling me about the crazy killings and torture and hypocrasy that was going on, while they were writing a book about how to be "good." It's all pretty crazy.

Back when he was a pastor (he left BTW because he didn't feel right preaching what they wanted him to preach, when he didn't believe it all) he did a sermon about some of this stuff, causing some people to even leave the church. It's crazy.

I mean, I think that people can believe what they want. But I have a lot more respect for them when they think for themselves and use logic and don't just blindly follow what someone else tells them.

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