Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nicole's Wedding

Ok so yeah, I'm like almost 2 months late... but whatever. I know Nic will kill me if I don't blog about it, and I just need to say: Nicole's wedding was awesome!

We got up at 8 in the morning to get our hair done, and then headed to Spa Utopia for makeup. We all got those mini eyelash extensions and they really made our eyes pop. Once we got back to the house though my hair was already coming out. (Yeah, that was GREAT of the hairdresser to promise me that her flat-iron curls would stay in when I told her I doubted it. Total hours it lasted=2). Anyways, I had to get the other girl to fix my hair, and it finally looked great. And felt crunchy. You know, the real bridesmaid look.

We got Nicole dressed, which went fairly smoothly, except for her busting the waist of her crinoline and my aunt had to crawl under there to fix it, poor lady.

I was super nervous all morning, and heading to the wedding, but once we were walking down the aisle everything was ok.

As I started to walk the first thing I noticed was Nicole's soon to be husband all teary-eyed... and that set me off good. I sniffled through the entire ceremony, and half of the reception.

The ceremony was short and sweet. Our second cousin Kelly (former pastor, now car salesman... go figure) performed the ceremony.

After that we headed out for pics, with only a quick stop at the liquor store, where needless to say we created a little stir.

As we pulled into the gardens for our pics we noticed one thing. Another bridal party had just shown up too, and they had almost the same colours as us. It was like the showdown of the two networks in Anchorman. We were way hotter than them though. For real. Ben was like "That is a sad day in that man's life."

After pics we headed to the reception. Dinner was delicious. The best part was the buns strangely enough. At the recpetion I also got to show off my date: Prom Ken. He's dreamy!

Then it was speeches. My dad made a short, cute speech... and then Ben's parents made a super long speech about God and blah blah blah. I was like this wedding is supposed to be about celebrating their love for each other, not for a mythical creature. Then it was time for my speech. For those of you who couldn't hear me over the crying (I could barely even read, it was all swimming before my eyes), here is a copy:

Everyone who knows Nicole knows that although Ben may be her second love, her first was, and still is television. So I thought this poem would be appropriate.

by Miss Carrie Bradshaw, or should I saw Mrs John James Preston:

His hello was the end of her endings,
Her laugh was their first step down the aisle.
His hand would be hers to hold forever,
His forever was as simple as her smile.

An ocean couldn’t prevent it.
A New York minute wouldn’t let it pass.
Does the universe decide for us,
Which love will fade and which will last.

He said she was what was missing.
She said instantly she knew.
She was a question to be answered.
And his answer was “I do.”

After that it was time to dance and drink. I wasn't too drunk, but that perfect drunk where everything is SUPER fun, but you don't barf. The other bridesmaids and I really put on a show when the Grease Megamix came on. My uncle told me it was worth the price of admission.

After the wedding (after a quick McDonald's run) we all headed home. Then Nicole and Ben got changed, opened their cards ($$$) and headed out for their honeymoon. My little sister was officially married and out of the house.



Anonymous said...

Great job cutting out the HOTTEST bridesmaid from the head table picture!

Danielle said...

Sorry... I needed to be the hottest one in the pic and I can't compare ;)