Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Video Musique

While I was on my break from school I was in a music video. No shit. It wasn't a GOOD music video, but still.

This girl I know Ayla, had been cast as the "hot girl" in a video and asked me and Jae if we wanted to come along. All we had to do was dance in the background with fake martinis (Unsweetened Koolaid... ew) but it was still fun.

I'm not sure of the names of the rappers, but it was two 19-year-olds. One of them was kinda cute. The one without the braces that is.

The name of the song is Vancity Summer and it's set to come out next summer. I guess it was kinda late in August for a summer jam.

Anyways here's a pic of us girls, and also a "Behind the Scenes" of the set. Yes, that is Metrotown. (In the video it's apparently going to be in someone's mansion.)

Behind the Scenes:

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