Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Newfie Update

After the date with the guy who seemed to love me and never called I was super confused. After 2 weeks I figured I had nothing to lose so I emailed him to see what the deal was. This is what I wrote:

Sooo... it's been about 2 weeks now and I haven't heard from you. I'm a smart girl, so I can take a hint but one thing is bothering me, only because I'm a super curious person that needs to know everything. That thing is why.

Was it my "anger issues?" Do you think I'm ugly? Do you think I'm a bitch? Was it because I didn't stay for a bit at your place? Did I make too much fun of you? Did you find a new gf? I thought we had a good time and you seemed pretty into me. I just really don't get it.

I kinda thought that after writing back and forth for a month we'd at least be friends. I actually miss the long-ass emails that make me sit and laugh out loud. But this isn't me trying to start up communication again if you don't want to.

I would just really for you to please tell me why, for future reference. We all make mistakes, and I like to learn from mine.

I'm a big girl. I can handle honesty.

I had no idea if I'd hear back from him or not, since guys avoid confrontation like the plague, but a few minutes later this came through:

Honestly hunny you have it all wrong!

I was actually feeling really bad about how long it's been since I've contacted you. I've been retardedly (abnormally even) busy with my birthday week (seriously, haven't had a night at home since we hung out), but even then I should have called you're right.

To be 100% honest, I was just waiting for me to find the right truck, so I'd be able to come out there and not have you have to drive in. I thought it would be like 2 days, but that turned into 2 weeks (and is probably gonna be for another week now gahhh). You sent me a message that said "so when you coming out to Langley to visit me" in my mind I thought that I couldn't write you back until I had, you know, AN ANSWER on that haha. Stupid I know. I should've contacted you like a day after we hung out, regardless of me having transportation.

Please consider that 100% my dumb fault. You're rad.

I think your anger issue was cute. I think you're beautiful. There were a few times when we were hanging that I felt liek I was staring so I had to stop myself. I don't think you're a bitch. I didn't find a new gf. You didn't make fun of me too much.

I will admit, I did find it rather sudden that you wanted to take off instead of hang out with me. I'm sure you just thought I was being a "guy" and wanted to try to hook up, but that's not it at all. After we had the wine at Lickerish I thought we were gonna go back to my place, hang out and then as soon as we walk in the door you're like "I'm gonna get going"...I was wondering "did I do something wrong?". I thought 100% that I was in "friend" territory there and you didn't like me at all. I mean not to be a doucheberry but I was at least thinkign I'd get a good night kiss on the cheek haha.

Please don't beat yourself up or anything, you're great. I'd love to rekindle our talking and hang out again, but to summarize, I felt:

1. that you only liked me as a friend
2. that I should be a man and be able to go out there

That make sense?

Write me back. If you can't forgive me for being a dumbass I 100% understand.

Again, I apologize, you deserve better. If you decide you wanna give me a second chance, let me know.

So yeah... I was like hmmm ok maybe I should give the guy a chance. So I wrote him again:

Well, I'm glad you wrote back. I totally understand your points but I have to say that you over-analyze things like a girl :)

I'm also glad you admit that busy isn't an excuse for not calling.

Even if you don't have a truck yet I could have come to see you again. If you NEVER planned on having a vehicle it would be different, because it's a huge turn-off having to be a guy's chauffer, or driving to see someone all the time and they never make the effort, but I can understand that you are looking and haven't found one yet.

The reason I didn't stay and hang out was that it was like 1:30 already and I was tired. If I hated you I would have been like "Ok well I should get going" a LOT earlier than that.

As for the no kiss... Well you were the one that gave me the quickest hug ever and then dissapeared. I'm pretty sure you could have gotten a cheek kiss if you had lingered a little haha.

Also... I don't really know what to say about the friend zone. You are the one that said you don't even think of a girl another way until you start as friends. All I know is that I enjoyed hanging out with you, whether its as friends or more. And I definitely wanted to hang out again, and see where it goes.

Anyways I'd like to hang out again. Gimme a call whenever and we can figure something out. But you SO owe me. I'm thinking flowers... or a massage... or both :)


ps. I like lillies and orchids ;)

After this I didn't hear from him for another week. And did he write back? No. He messaged me on that new little Facebook chat thingy. And I was kind of a bitch to him. He was like "What are you doing this weekend" and I told him I was busy studying for the next 3 weeks. He was like "Um ok talk to you in 3 weeks then" or something like that. I knew I was being bitchy, but I'd reached the point of that I had spent too much time waiting around for him and I didn't really care anymore.

I just saw his Pemberton pics though and he looked pretty cute. Oh me!


Anonymous said...

He called you "hunny"

he's gay.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don’t think he is gay. He either feels the distance if too far and a relationship would be to hard to maintain. When my ex was far away, I had the tendency to miss her even more. Now that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you. Maybe he feels that the relationship is doomed from the start. Breaking up over a dumb (yet practical) reason is never good for the soul.

Or he has a g/f and tries to hook up with girls who are far away when she is gone. The chances of you bumping heads with him and his girl are pretty slim? Yes? Since you didn’t “put out” the first night, he decided to move on instead of getting attached to you perhaps. Maybe he doesn’t have a g/f and doesn’t want one.

This is how bored I am, lol

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to say… If he is single, and such a gent (not too hard to do) and good looking (harder to do) then he probably has a few girls on the go at all times. Just in case one is around. He could just be busy with his other dates. WoW ! What a playa!

Danielle said...

Well about the whole distance thing... it wasn't THAT far. An hour or so, maybe more in heavy traffic.

Maybe he did have a few girls on the go though... I never thought about that! I'm so naive about guys, I always give them the benefit of the doubt!