Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby on Board

We all know that I spend a lot of time driving on the freeway. Well, I have a new pet peeve.

Lately there are people everywhere with "Baby on Board" and "Baby in Car" signs in their rear windshield. First off... Where are all these babies coming from? Well I know WHERE, but I mean what is this, baby boom #2?

The signs aren't what bugs me. Or the babies. What really yanks my chain (I was looking for a good way of saying pisses me off withough saying pisses me off) is that the people with these signs on their cars drive like dangerous assholes.

Yep, you should definitely cut me off, and because of the sign I shouldn't rear end you. Speeding and cutting lane to lane? Totally safe... You have a SIGN! Why warn other people to drive carefully if you are going to drive like an ass. It's YOUR baby... protect it dumbass!

Just as bad are the people who smoke with their kids in the car. Doesn't matter if the window is down. Go ahead and give yourself lung cancer, but please, please keep it away from the baby!

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vancityrockgirl said...

the thing that pisses me off about those signs is when people use them when there's no baby in the car.

the entire purpose of them is so that if there's an accident, emergency personnel know that there is an infant trapped somewhere in the vehicle that won't be able to get themselves out.

if you have a sign on the car, but no baby inside, you potentially can be sending a paramedic into danger for no reason.

they should give tickets to people that have those signs up when there's no kid in the car. just like if you have an "n" but it's not on your car.