Sunday, June 15, 2008


Since our friend Teddy was out of town my friend Cerina said that she'd dogsit for him. His dogs are two Shitzus named Luke and Leia (because they're brother and sister.) We were kind of running late heading over to see them, and they live all the way up the hill at SFU. I'd like to mention though, that our directions were bad. Would have been nice of Ted to mention that there are TWO Broadways we were supposed to pass!

Anyways we're chugging our way up the hill... and she's like "Don't worry Luke and Leia... Han Solo and Chewbacca are coming!" And then mentioning that she was Han... Making me of course, Chewy. There was only one thing to do. Make wookie sounds. All the way up the hill.

We couldn't breathe we were laughing so hard.

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