Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jayme hates "The Hills"

Ladies and gentlemen... Our guest writer today is a devoted blog reader, and has always wanted a posting of her own. Please give a warm welcome to Ms. Jayme Bubel:

I work a lot and go to school so I do not watch a lot of television. Still, I have heard of The Hills and when I occasionally flip through the channels I have seen some of its “cast” on different chat shows. It's sad, but I actually see them enough to know who Spencer and Heidi are and that Heidi hates someone else named LC. I’m pretty sure that The Hills features some of the “cast” from Laguna Beach. This means that The Hills is a show about talentless, whiny, augmented young things that moved from a place called Laguna Beach to some place that has hills (Hollywood maybe?) where they continue to be talentless and whiny but actually manage to look more augmented.

Although I feel blessed that I have the power to change the channel, it still bothers me to think that these people exist, that they make tons of money, and that they are considered “cool” but some teenagers. Furthermore, it pisses me off that people like teachers, paramedics and foster parents make so little when smarmy douche bags like this Spencer guy make thousands just to show up at a club. However, if foster parents and teachers did make a lot of money and got all the thanks that they deserve, then losers like Spencer and Heidi would want to do these things instead of acting on boring reality shows and making shitty music. Although the money issue still bothers me, I am glad that these people gravitate towards the entertainment industry. I can only imagine if they had these other jobs. Heidi’s students would all be as stupid as Miss South Carolina and Spencer would request foster children with frosted tips in their hair.

Anyway, this is what made me think of these losers once again. Go Letterman!

Thanks Jayme!
I'd just like to say one thing in closing. Go team Lauren!

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