Sunday, June 15, 2008


My friend Shelley's friend Jaline (pronounced the same as my Jaelene) was in Vancouver from Cangary for her birthday so we all decided to hit the town for some DRINKING... and oh did we drink.

We started the night off at this restaurant on Granville called Sanafir, which was kinda cool, 'cause instead of the usual booth we lounged and ate on a giant bed. Not the best idea in a dress though, I needed a pillow for crotch-cover. They had this really yummy taster menu and we got to try hummus, chicken satays, beef with beans, ahi tuna, these tempura sushi-type wraps etc... and dessert. Even though one of the creme brulees tasted like chicken skin. No kidding. We did convince the super-gay birthday party in the corner to give Jaline some party hats and a wand. (Don't worry, he still had his tiara and boa.)

After that we headed to the new club Tunnel. I wasn't really impressed. The bouncers were kind of a-holes to us. We got there super early at like 10, and the guy right away with attitude is like "Are you on the list?" even though we were honestly the FIRST people there, (they were just turning the music on) and there is NO line so not like it mattered anyways.

So I'm like "yep I'm on the list" and he's like "I can't find you," and then finally does, and is gonna let us in... but then they weren't going to let the one guy that was with all us girls in 'cause he's not wearing a collar, even though he's wearing dress shoes... so we all talk and we can't find him another shirt. I go talk to the guy and tell him my gf is here from Calgary and it's her b-day and he's like ok fine we'll let him in.

My friends asked me if we could get tickets to get in since we were on the list, so I asked one guy, and he's like "You need to ask the guestlist guy," so I ask the guestlist guy and he's like "I need to check," so he goes inside for a few mins and comes out and is like "No. I asked the owner and he said you need to pay."

So yeah that's about it. I guess the whole thing just seemed really disorganized and I just felt like they were giving us attitude even though I was being polite ... I wasn't even drunk and I didn't give them lip. (I'd admit if I was.) I just don't like going to a club and them making me feel like they are doing me a favour even letting me in.

We really liked one of the bartenders though. He was hot. But dumb. He messed up the computer so we had to wait for a while. At least we had something to look at.

I also wasn't a fan of the house music at Tunnel, so at 12 we bounced and headed to Tonic which was WAY more fun... And we were in the VIP section so the guys couldn't get to us (except for some 19-year-olds that managed to get in and were moshing and I was yelling "Little boys! Stop it little boys!" ... And the DJ is my friend and played Britney for me... twice. Can't beat that.

After Tonic my friend's god-brother came to pick us up and take us to I thought home, but no, we went to his buddy's loft above Gothams to drink yet more booze.

Finally we went home for a lovely 4-hour sleep before I got up and volunteered the next day. It was for the Little Mountain Community Festival... and upon coming home my sister looks at my chest and remarks: "It's funny that Danielle's wearing a shirt that says 'Little Mountains!'"

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