Wednesday, May 07, 2008

JT No Mo

It dawned on me that I haven't updated everyone on the JT situation. I have a bit of new info since last time. I had pretty much given up on him and his no phone calls... but then a few things happened that made me wonder:

I went to the club one night with some friends, and he happened to be working, so I went to the bar and said hi. Then he grabbed me over the bar and kissed me right on the lips in front of everyone! I was kind of stunned... in a good way... and started to get my hopes up again...But then STILL no call from him. I was confused!

Then my friend who introduced us had a lil talk with JT. He mentioned to her that he thought I might be mad at him, since he made me wait for a while the last time we had hung out, and that I had left the club without saying goodbye. I thought it all might be a misunderstanding, didn't want him thinking I was mad at him, and wanted to give him another chance. I'm not always the best with words, so I wrote him a long message on Facebook. Here it is:

Hey you... I thought I'd write you because I just need to get this off my mind. I had a lil chat with [my friend] the other day and there were a few things I just wanted to clear up with you.

I told you before that I don't really understand you... and honestly, that still stands. I just feel like I get such mixed messages and I don't know if you like me or not... so after not hearing from you for a while I just kinda gave up.

I was never mad at you for making me wait that night. Like I'd be mad at someone for making me wait while they visit their friend in the hospital!

So I called you a few days later and we talked for a bit, but then you had to go. Which was how it was every time I called. So I decided I'd just let you call me instead... and you didn't.

I was going to give up... but then my parents left town so I threw one more text out there, something like "What are you doing weds night? Wanna come over?" and heard nothing back. That's about all the rejection I can take so at that point I pretty much assumed you weren't interested.

When I saw you at the club I was pleasantly surprised when you grabbed me and kissed me over the bar. I was like "Ok he just kissed me in public... that's gotta mean something!" I left without saying goodbye 'cause I didn't feel well and took off. But then I STILL never heard from you.

I didn't want to be crazy stalker girl who keeps bothering a guy who doesn't care so I stopped calling. I know that you are busy, but it takes 30 secs to throw a text out there just to say hi. I don't expect a lot.

Part of this was my mistake for playing games and seeing how long it would take you to call. I've come to the realization that I'm fooling myself when I try to play it cool, because I'm not nonchalant, I'm kind of intense. That's just me. I just wanted you to know where I'm coming from, and that I'm not mad at you.

If you wanna talk or hang out or whatever I'd love to hear from you... And hear what you think about this long-ass letter I just wrote. If not I'm sure I'll see you around.

xoxo Danielle

I thought it was pretty good and I said everything I needed to say.

He didn't reply.

I'm probably going to see him Saturday night when I'm out for my friend's birthday party. We'll see how that is. Maybe I'll make out with another guy in front of him. Just an idea :)

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