Friday, May 02, 2008

Jayme Jayme Bo Bayme Banana Fanna Fo Fayme

According to my sister one of my most loyal readers, Ms. Jayme Bubel, thought that I should pay homage to her for all the time and effort she's put in keeping up with my crazy-ass love life. Well here it is.

I was thinking about what I should say about Jayme, but her life is pretty much as boring as my sister's... except she went to Europe and hung around with a lotta gay dudes, which was pretty cool. I made use of Google Image to search for "Jayme" instead and put together a little tribute hopefully she will enjoy.

Here it is: The Totally Untrue History of Jayme Bubel:

Mere weeks after being born, Jayme's overbearing stage mother forced her into the pagent circuit where she went on to win the title of "Miss Gorilla Vacuum Shop Abbotsford" in the years 1995 through 2008. After years of dressing up as Minnie Mouse and the Care Bears though, Jayme felt that she needed to rebel. She became a porn star instead. What is she doing with those cupcakes?
Jayme's porn career ended quickly however, when she got into a car accident onher way to pole dancing class and woke up as a pomeranian.

She had one thing to say: "Rufff.... Arrrr.... Yelp... Yelppp!" which roughly translates into "Get me out of this #$%$%$ dog body! I'm trapped! Heeeelllllp!!"
Jayme's friends knew where to turn. To Jesus Mushroom Guy. He gave Jayme some of his "special" mushrooms and she turned back into a human from a dog. With one difference though: She was a 13-year-old Jew. As a Jew she had lots of money, so she immediately headed to South Beach to celebrate her becoming a woman in a Bat Mitzvah ceremony. Oy Veh!
Fast forward a few years and she got married to a cute guy whose name also happened to be Jayme. Who knew?
The End!
PS. Please check out Jayme's IMDB site. She needs some star power people!

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