Friday, May 30, 2008

Daniel Wesley

Last friday I went to the Daniel Wesley concert at Citrus. (Yes, I actually went to Citrus.) If you haven't heard of Daniel Wesley, it's ok. I didn't know who they were either, but they were actually really good. They were in the Seeds competition for The Fox last year or the year before. They sing this one song that kinda sounds like Sublime and it's like "Ooo ohh you can't look back girl, Gonna catch a wave and smoke a little ganja."

I didn't have a ticket, but it worked out well 'cause my friend Chris knows everyone and we totally bypassed the line...Even the people that did have tickets.

We got in there and had a few drinks and the concert started. The opening band was this local hip-hop group. Their own songs kinda sucked, but they did some old school stuff and we were yelling "Play something we know!"

As the night went on and the band came on my friend and I started to get a little closer. I was stoked, 'cause I'd thought he was cute for a while. We were dancing and stuff and then we ended up making out on the dance floor and slow dancing to the slow songs. (Did I ever mention that I LOVE slow dancing?) He even told me that he wants to call me and take me out on a real date. It was really cute.

He left to go to the bathroom and his friend came over and started talking to me. I should mention that his friend is cute too, really nice eyes. His friend tells me that he wants to kiss me. Uh oh! I totally would have if not for two things: I had just kissed his friend all night, and one of my friends thinks he's cute so he's off limits.

After chatting for a while I went to look for the first guy, but he was gone. I texted him and he said he was going to say goodbye, but saw me talking to the other guy and left.

After that we all went to Boston Pizza and I went home.

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