Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Randomest Thing EVER

One of my exes texted me the other night and was like "What's up?" to which I replied "Just got home from the pub." and he went "So what are you doing?" and I wrote "Going to bed, it's 1:30am."

Then he said "I got stabbed the other night."

WHAT the F!!??

I said "What the hell!! ... Why... Where... By who?"

He replied "so breakfast tomorrow?"

Yeah... Getting stabbed... Not a big deal at ALL. Bacon is MUCH more important!

PS. No Nicole and Jayme, it's not Matt so don't get upset!


Anonymous said...

Oh don't worry I Know who it IS.....cuz you told me who you were going to breakfast with...you're not the brightest bulb

Danielle said...

Don't YOU worry... I was actually more concerned about Jayme... She's nicer!