Monday, April 14, 2008

The Hospital is the Place to Be!

The Wednesday after I met the cuuuute guy that I said may end the curse, I went out with the same group again. Me, my friend, his friend and him.

(If I'm going to talk about him I should probably give him a good nickname. I was thinking Bartender Boy #2, but that's kinda long... So we'll call him JT.)

Anyhoo... JT and his friend coach a junior hockey team, and they for some reason were doing a practice at GM Place. My friend and I dropped them off, and went and had some dinner before we all were going to meet up and go to The Roxy later on.

I got a phone call from JT saying to come pick them up, and fast, because his friend had been horsing around with one of the kids and accidently gave him a bad upper cut. He knocked the kid's tooth out, cut his hand and needed stitches.

We all made the trek to St. Paul's where we spent the next 2 hours sitting in Emergency. He had actually severed a bunch of the tendons in his hand, so they needed to cut the hand open farther to reach the tendons, sew them up, and then stich him. (He has since had surgery on his hand and was in the hospital for a few days... poor guy!!) Needless to say none of us were in the best mood... but his friend was a trooper and we all headed to the bar.

We stayed there for a few hours and took off to go home. On the way home JT and I had sort of a "relationship talk" where we told each other that we like each other... but I told him that I'm finding it hard to figure him out and I don't really know where he's at. I did say though that even though both of us are SUPER busy... and work totally opposing hours... I didn't want to give up on a good guy, because a good guy is hard to find... ESPECIALLY in Langley! Then we snuggled. Aww.

Since then I've talked to him a few times, and we've hung out once. I'm sorta confused though. When I'm with him he tells me he likes me, and acts like he likes me... but when I'm not around him he doesn't call or text a whole lot. It's like I'm doing all the work. Is it 'cause he's busy? Because busy is another word for "I never think about you and don't care enough to call you." I don't know!

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