Thursday, April 24, 2008

Coffee 'n' Movie

The other night my friend and I went out for coffee and a movie.

At the coffee shop there was the biggest "hand talker" I've ever seen. He wasn't just using them for emphasis... he was throwing them around so much I was surprised he didn't hurt somebody. He was using his hands to mime out boxes, and then sticking his hand straight up and pointing like "to infinity and beyond" and then pumping both arms up and down like he's "raising the roof."

This was occuring in Starbucks... and as we sat there and watched him instead of having our own conversation (because other people's convos are always more interesting) we saw someone across the street at the Tim Hortons who was a big hand-talker too. I didn't know if it was a coincidence, or if the person at Timmy's was watching Starbucks guy and acting it out.

Also at Starbucks this guy came in and stood in line right beside our table... like super close to us... like almost sitting on the table. He was a big dad, and he was wearing sweatpants and he had a wedgie. Personal bubble please! Step off dad!

After that we took my huge candy-filled purse (of course I had Peanut Butter M&M's!) to the theatre and saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." It was really funny. Some of the best parts were when they made fun of CSI:

"They found his penis behind the AC unit."
"That's what I call a dick-sicle."

...Or something like that. Either way I reccommend it. Unless you have no sense of humor. Then you can stay home and watch Dancing with the Stars.

We also had a chat about theatre ettiquete. Like don't sit in front of someone. These people came and sat in front of me and I quickly tried to throw my feet up on the seat but it was too late and they sat there. My knees got sore from not being able to put them up the whole movie. It was kind of a bitch move I pulled though, 'cause it was RIGHT before they sat down and my friend grabbed my leg and was like "I can't believe you did that." Well believe it, buddy! We had a good chuckle over what I actually will do.

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