Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cheap Dental Services

Well as most of you know I'm in my third semester of Dental Hygiene school. I've offically started cleaning "real people's" teeth and would LOVE to have people come in and be my clients.

It's a super good deal too for anyone without dental insurance. A cleaning is only $25. Bleaching, sealants and x-rays are really cheap too.

Because we are still learning the appointments are long and you would have to be able to commit to coming in at least 5 times... But the care I'd give you is amazing and detailed. We check out your entire head and mouth, gums, teeth, health history etc. We also educate you on oral health and general well being. Plus I'm a straight-A student... My report card is on the fridge if you don't believe me :)

If you'd like to come in or know anyone who would please contact me for more details. Thanks!

PS. To avoid any confusion the $25 is total... not per session.


Anonymous said...

How much would bleaching be?? Over how many appointments?? Where do you do this, at BCIT??

Danielle said...

Bleaching trays are $75... and to come in for bleaching/cleaning etc would be about 6-7 appts. It's called the Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene.

Chana said...

Good for people to know.