Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wedding Shmedding

Last night I went with my sister, her fiance and one of his groomsmen to Moore's to pick out tuxes for the wedding. Well, was that ever an interesting night.

Her fiance showed up in a super pissy mood. He had been avoiding going for his fitting for a while because he doesn't like trying things on... Wah wah... Man up... It's one fitting for one day of wearing the tux. Then they got in a huge fight and he stormed out.

He came back like 15 minutes later and we went to the store. There was a line so we had to waste time for like an hour before being helped.

Finally we got tuxes picked out and the boys into them. They looked pretty good. They are black 3-buttons with ivory shirts and burgundy ties and vests to match the bridesmaid dresses.

Now if only the fiance would pick a 4th groomsman so they'd match up properly with the bridesmaids everything would be hunky dory!

Coffee 'n' Movie

The other night my friend and I went out for coffee and a movie.

At the coffee shop there was the biggest "hand talker" I've ever seen. He wasn't just using them for emphasis... he was throwing them around so much I was surprised he didn't hurt somebody. He was using his hands to mime out boxes, and then sticking his hand straight up and pointing like "to infinity and beyond" and then pumping both arms up and down like he's "raising the roof."

This was occuring in Starbucks... and as we sat there and watched him instead of having our own conversation (because other people's convos are always more interesting) we saw someone across the street at the Tim Hortons who was a big hand-talker too. I didn't know if it was a coincidence, or if the person at Timmy's was watching Starbucks guy and acting it out.

Also at Starbucks this guy came in and stood in line right beside our table... like super close to us... like almost sitting on the table. He was a big dad, and he was wearing sweatpants and he had a wedgie. Personal bubble please! Step off dad!

After that we took my huge candy-filled purse (of course I had Peanut Butter M&M's!) to the theatre and saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." It was really funny. Some of the best parts were when they made fun of CSI:

"They found his penis behind the AC unit."
"That's what I call a dick-sicle."

...Or something like that. Either way I reccommend it. Unless you have no sense of humor. Then you can stay home and watch Dancing with the Stars.

We also had a chat about theatre ettiquete. Like don't sit in front of someone. These people came and sat in front of me and I quickly tried to throw my feet up on the seat but it was too late and they sat there. My knees got sore from not being able to put them up the whole movie. It was kind of a bitch move I pulled though, 'cause it was RIGHT before they sat down and my friend grabbed my leg and was like "I can't believe you did that." Well believe it, buddy! We had a good chuckle over what I actually will do.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Randomest Thing EVER

One of my exes texted me the other night and was like "What's up?" to which I replied "Just got home from the pub." and he went "So what are you doing?" and I wrote "Going to bed, it's 1:30am."

Then he said "I got stabbed the other night."

WHAT the F!!??

I said "What the hell!! ... Why... Where... By who?"

He replied "so breakfast tomorrow?"

Yeah... Getting stabbed... Not a big deal at ALL. Bacon is MUCH more important!

PS. No Nicole and Jayme, it's not Matt so don't get upset!

Monday, April 14, 2008

White Rockin It

I was sitting on the patio at the OB on Saturday night, just watching the cars go by... Some of them 2-4 times. Just up and down and up and down the strip.

The best thing I saw was a guy driving a H2 Hummer... with a price tag on it and demonstration plates. Buddy!!! You are NOT cool!

The Hospital is the Place to Be!

The Wednesday after I met the cuuuute guy that I said may end the curse, I went out with the same group again. Me, my friend, his friend and him.

(If I'm going to talk about him I should probably give him a good nickname. I was thinking Bartender Boy #2, but that's kinda long... So we'll call him JT.)

Anyhoo... JT and his friend coach a junior hockey team, and they for some reason were doing a practice at GM Place. My friend and I dropped them off, and went and had some dinner before we all were going to meet up and go to The Roxy later on.

I got a phone call from JT saying to come pick them up, and fast, because his friend had been horsing around with one of the kids and accidently gave him a bad upper cut. He knocked the kid's tooth out, cut his hand and needed stitches.

We all made the trek to St. Paul's where we spent the next 2 hours sitting in Emergency. He had actually severed a bunch of the tendons in his hand, so they needed to cut the hand open farther to reach the tendons, sew them up, and then stich him. (He has since had surgery on his hand and was in the hospital for a few days... poor guy!!) Needless to say none of us were in the best mood... but his friend was a trooper and we all headed to the bar.

We stayed there for a few hours and took off to go home. On the way home JT and I had sort of a "relationship talk" where we told each other that we like each other... but I told him that I'm finding it hard to figure him out and I don't really know where he's at. I did say though that even though both of us are SUPER busy... and work totally opposing hours... I didn't want to give up on a good guy, because a good guy is hard to find... ESPECIALLY in Langley! Then we snuggled. Aww.

Since then I've talked to him a few times, and we've hung out once. I'm sorta confused though. When I'm with him he tells me he likes me, and acts like he likes me... but when I'm not around him he doesn't call or text a whole lot. It's like I'm doing all the work. Is it 'cause he's busy? Because busy is another word for "I never think about you and don't care enough to call you." I don't know!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Quotes of the Week

"I'm still a virgin... it didn't even hit my uterus." - Cece

"That chick is heavy like a first-day period." - My Dad

(With arms outstretched and hands fisted)
"What am I?"
"I dunno, what?"
"Fallopian tubes." - Again, Cece

(Upon looking at the study model of my teeth... I have a teeny mouth)
"How do you even fit a cock in there?" - For the third time, Cece

Wow... These are great if you want to think about something and laugh to yourself and make everyone wonder why you're smiling.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cheap Dental Services

Well as most of you know I'm in my third semester of Dental Hygiene school. I've offically started cleaning "real people's" teeth and would LOVE to have people come in and be my clients.

It's a super good deal too for anyone without dental insurance. A cleaning is only $25. Bleaching, sealants and x-rays are really cheap too.

Because we are still learning the appointments are long and you would have to be able to commit to coming in at least 5 times... But the care I'd give you is amazing and detailed. We check out your entire head and mouth, gums, teeth, health history etc. We also educate you on oral health and general well being. Plus I'm a straight-A student... My report card is on the fridge if you don't believe me :)

If you'd like to come in or know anyone who would please contact me for more details. Thanks!

PS. To avoid any confusion the $25 is total... not per session.

Thanks Guys!

Ok... I don't wanna say this in a way that I'm coming off like I'm totally full of myself... But I just wanted to send a shout out to my so-called "fans." You know who you are... The people who think my teeny lil life is interesting enough to come and check out and keep up with what's going on with me. It honestly means a lot to me and hopefully the predicaments I get myself into will make you smile.

Also... The largest number of people who seem to read this are from Calgary. I don't know who you are exactly... But thanks Cow-town!

I also LOVE comments and getting a discussion going. If anyone ever has anything to say about my posts I'd love to hear it. Or advice! I think we all know I can usually use some!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


A girl at my school was eating a McRib sandwich in the lunchroom at school the other day. I 've never had one before so I asked her how it was and she said that it was really good. I was like: "Yeah, I dunno about eating a burger made of pork though," to which she replied: "This is PORK??" It was the 4th one she'd eaten that week and she thought it was beef the whole time. Awesome. Then I was like "I guess it probably just tastes the same as their sausage patties." And she's like: "Sausage is pork too?" WOW.