Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Woot Woot

I officially went to my first gay club on Sunday... and it was AWESOME. We went to Celebrities first but it was totally dead, so we went to the Odyssey insead and watched the drag show. I mean what's more entertaining than fat gay guys in dresses lip-synching?

I spent most of the night dancing with this one guy. It was hilairous. He dragged me out onto the dance floor at the very beginning, so no one was out there yet and everyone was watching us. He was so funny too... In a TOTALLY gay accent he kept being like "Oooh my god... Girl you are sooo beautiful! You look like the girl on Gossip Girl." and "I have Neeever seen a GIRL move like that!"

I swear, the only thing better than getting hit on by straight dudes is getting hit on by gay ones.

After the bar we were totally starving so we went for pizza... and then poutine. Oink!!

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