Sunday, March 23, 2008

We'll See!

OK People... There is a chance... CHANCE ... that the curse may be over. I don't wanna get too excited yet... but I met a cuuute guy on Weds and it's looking promising.

I met up with my friend at Moxies for dinner the other night, and she ended up bringing two guy friends. I hadn't gotten dressed up at all and didn't feel like impressing anyone... so I was just totally beaking one of them... Just kept bringing it. And then I was like, "You sit too close to the fire, you're gonna get burned," which everyone really enjoyed. Anyways dinner led to "Hey let's go to the bar," so at like 11 we left and ran home to get changed.

On the way home I mentioned to my friend that one of them was cute... and she was like "Oh, he said the same thing about you." So I told her that I was going to make out with him that night. And I did. At the bar she had texted him: "You're in!" but I didn't know til after. He is a good kisser, let me tell ya!

He called me the other day... and we're supposed to hang out again next Wednesday. Yay! Also my friend who works with him said that he keeps talking about me. That's a good sign too.

Man, it's like highschool. It's so much more fun when you have a friend go-between.

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