Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shopping Fun

I got wrangled into going shopping with my Mommy today. Kinda boring, yet slightly entertaining. I also made her buy me shampoo and conditioner. SCORE!

First off... I have never seen so many motorized wheelchairs in one place. Honestly old people... You don't work!!! Go shopping on a weekday. Less people's feet for you to wheel over!

Secondly... This girl started to put her groceries into our cart and I was like "Ummm... That's ours!" She was like "I was wondering why you were giving me a weird look."

Thirdly... In the salad dressing aisle there's these new sauces called "Celebrities" or something. There are pics of total local D-list celebrities on them... And Jason Priestly! Awesome!! Speaking of that... The WB is considering doing some sort of spin-off or new version of 90210. I WILL be watching that!

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