Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SECOND Worst Date Ever

I have officially gone on my second worst date ever. Man, it was BAD.

So I'm talking to this guy on the phone and he lives in New West and I'm in Langtown (represent) so we thought we'd meet somewhere. He suggests downtown. Yeah... that's RIGHT in the middle. Then I find out it's 'cause he lost his license for 3 months because of a 24-hr. GREAT!

So we meet at his house and make the trek to the Skytrain to go to Van. On the Skytrain he says a lot of dumb shit. "When I was in Grade 12 I didn't want to be too tall... So I told myself to stop growing... and I did." Apparently he did it by not going to sleep until after 12 because before 12 while you are sleeping is when you do your growing. Well that's what his gym-teacher mom told him. I'm like "Actually they don't know why we sleep... and we grow during the day too," to which he blurts out "Where did you hear that?!?" I tell him I learned in Biology to which he assures me that yep, he took Biology 11 too. I'm like "No, university biology." Which shut him up.

So we get downtown and go for some sushi, which he didn't pay for. I mean come on, I'm NOT high maintenance and I DON'T want a guy falling all over me... But on the first date the dude should pay! Then he gets himself a free green tea from this dispenser and doesn't even offer to pour me one. Thanks. That's not even a date thing. It's a common courtesy thing. He tells me he'll buy us some dessert later. (He didn't.)

After sushi he wanted to go shopping... but he didn't know where he was going and then the mall was closed. Great.

We see that the Vancouver Art Gallery's open and it's by-donation night so we go in. He actually paid, but only because the girl at the desk was like "Do you wanna put $10 on your card for both of you?" and he was like "Mmmmm yeah, I guess so." So we're walking around looking at stuff... and he's like "Are these photos or paintings?" READ THE WALL - They were photos that were edited to look painting-like. Then he's like "No... for sure some of these are paintings!" Yep, you are the expert, buddy! Anyway after like 20 mins he wants to go 'cause he's bored. I was actually enjoying myself. First I like art... second I could kinda walk around by myself without him in there. I'd really like to go back with someone I actually like one day.

After that he suggests a movie... I'm like "No...let's go home." But I still had to take the Skytrain back and then walk back (up a huge hill) to his house. I'm like, "Wow, it's good I didn't wear heels" and he's like "Yeah... plus the sound is really annoying." Ummm OK!

On the way back he decides he needs to go pee, so we need to take a detour by his tennis club. I'm like "Just go in the bushes!" But he wanted a glass of water too. So we go to the damn club and he pees and gets some water (again, does't offer) and we walk back.

I'm like "See ya!" and get in my car and drive away. And that was it. Second worst date ever.

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