Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Post-Bday

I'm finished finals! Yay!!! Say it with me now: YAYYYY!!!! Now dance! Bow-chica bow bow... Bow chica bow wow. I officially have a week off and get to actually celebrate my birthday.

It was a pain in my ass trying to get people to come out to my birthday. Honestly, I wonder sometimes why I bother. Guess what people... Langley/White Rock = NOT THAT FAR from Vancouver! No... It's NOT going to take you an hour! You aren't going to cross the bridge and be in some crazy old fashioned land where the only music is country, there's no running water and don't even THINK about electricity! I drive to Vancouver and back almost every day... during rush hour. I come out to your birthdays... I'm downtown a lot. I don't think that once a year is too much to ask.

Anyways... Thanks to my friends who did come out and I had lots of fun. We started out at a friends's house, then went to the opening of this new club called The Social. The club seems o-tay... It's nice to have an option other than V-Room if I wanna stay semi-local.

I ended up kissin' a cute boy... A cute half-Asian boy. I know right... You are like "Danielle... and an Asian! Whaaatt?" And he had cute teeth. I told him that. He prefered sexy man-chompers.

After the club we cabbed it to Denny's. I wasn't even that hungry; it was more to divert a certain somebody from going to Van with a random. I think we all know who we are! No more booze for you darlin'!

We got home at 5am. Then breakfast (again) at IHOP when we dragged our bums outta bed. Good times.

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