Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feelin' Good

The other day I was driving home on the freeway, stuck in traffic in the fast lane, and watching everyone speed by me in the HOV.

As I inched along a school bus drove by and one of the little girls on it waved at me. I totally remembered what a thrill it was back in the day waving at random people while on a field trip, and how excited we got when they acknowledged us, so I gave her a little wave back. She got this totally happy, surprised look on her face and turned around really fast to tell her friends.

Then more of them waved at me... And then ducked... And then waved.

As the school bus got farther and farther in front of me they kept waving... and I kept waving back. Finally just before it was out of sight the two girls in the back waved one last time... and when I waved back they high-fived each other.

If that's not gonna make you feel good about yourself, I don't know what is :)

Friday, February 08, 2008


I'm pretty damn stressed out right now. We have finals coming up in three weeks, but that part is ok... I can handle the book-learning part of school. The clinic is the part that is making me nervous.

They made us sign a contract saying that we will be finished one adult and one child patient by the end of this semester... Which is in 4 weeks. That is 8 clinic sessions to finish something that is going to take 10. Yep... It's impossible! What happens if we don't finish? Theoretically they can kick us out of school. It's not going to happen... but it could.

Also, we have our local anaesthetic practical tests coming up soon. Honestly... if there is anything scarier than needles it's getting a TEST on giving needles. YIKES!


Nope, I haven't heard from hot guy I met at the bar. I guess what do you expect when you meet someone at the bar, right?

The thing I want to know is this... Why would he say "I'll call you tomorrow" if he's not going to? I wasn't like "Call me tomorrow" ... HE said it. WHY?

Guys... I don't care if you are drunk, stoned or just mesmerized by my beauty (gag!) ... Don't LIE!


Last night I called my aunt and got a busy signal and for a second I was like "What the heck is that sound?" Honestly? Who doesn't have caller ID? I didn't even know they made busy signals anymore!