Sunday, January 06, 2008


Now that I've finished my last 3 midterms I am officially allowed to have a life again. That didn't stop me from staying home both nights this weekend... But I honestly like just lying around watching Sex and the City for hours ok?

School runs my life.

Tonight Nicole yelled at me because I use up all the paper and ink from the printer. She told me that it was a "bitchy thing to do." Really Nicole? REALLY??

Yup... I do it on purpose just to fuck you over. I REALLY enjoy printing out pages and pages to study. The more the merrier... really... I do it on purpose just to piss you off.

Oh and I like to ask my teachers for extra assignments too. Minimum twelve page papers... the longer the better... Just so I can have the satisfaction of personally using up all the ink and paper.

Come on!

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