Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bar Star Dani - Saturday

I headed to Vancouver early to get ready at Cece's house, where I met her boyfriend for the first time. He is Korean-American and looks like Keanu Reeves. Unfortunately he talks about shooting people a lot. Like how all fat people should be shot, and all people with AIDS should be shot... etc etc. Yikes.

The group of us headed to the Joey's downtown for our friend's birthday. I tried Ahi tuna on these Ahi tuna taco things. It was good... Even though raw stuff still kinda scares me a bit. As we were looking at the menu my friend's boyfriend was like "This menu needs pictures!" HAHAHA It's not Denny's buddy!

He also realized he had forgotten his ID back at her house, so while all the girls headed to the club they went back to get his ID... only to make it back, stand in line for an hour, give up and go home. Sucks to be them.

We went to Ginger... Which is both good and bad. I really like the atmosphere there... the lighting, how people are dressed, the ambiance in general. I'm also not really a fan of house music though.

As much as I hate to admit I was a barstar this weekend, I also hate to admit that I caused some drama. There that night was a girl I got to school with, and her red-head friend. They are both 19. 'Nuff said.

Anyways... Earlier in the night I had seen this really gorgeous guy come in, but he was holding hands with a girl who I assumed was his girlfriend. They had also spotted him, and were following him around the club. To make a long story short, it turns out he's single and next thing I see is the red-head all over him, rubbing up and putting her face in his face. I walked over and after a bit us girls went to dance.

A little later I went to the bar to get a drink and saw him there alone so I started a conversation with him... which led to us talking for like an hour. As well as being totally my type looks-wise, he's 26 and a graphic designer from Kits. (Yes... LEGIT)

He kept telling me how the red-head was staring at us and looking really mad and I was like "Shit, she's gonna kick me ass!" Next thing I know she's walking over to us and trying to get me to leave the guy and go dance. I didn't want to, and she stood there looking at me really weirdly. I was like: "Sorry." and she's like: "For what?" and I'm like: "Well, I don't wanna make you mad." "She was like... Mad? For what? Do what you wanna do." I thought it was really cool of her and just as I was saying it was cool of her to the guy hes like "No way!"... because she had just given us the finger. Yep, 19.

We talked until the club closed and then he took my number and gave me a lil kiss (awww) and we all went home.

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