Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bar Star Dani - Friday

I hate to admit it... but I was a bit of a barstar this weekend. Yes, both nights I got all dressed up and dragged my fine ass downtown to Granville street.

Part Uno:

Friday night I hit up the Roxy with my friend Kim. She is newly moved home from Texas, and fresh off a broken engagement ... young, single and ready to mingle! It's awesome going out with her because she knows EVERYONE. Sometimes I feel a bit like her entourage, following her around, but she is an awesome girl... and she doesn't drink so she is automatic designated driver.

It was like Langley blew up in the Roxy. One of the girls I used to work with at Sammy's was having her b-day there and it was packed with Langley-ites. It was nice to see them, but we don't have much in common past "How are you?" ..."Good" ... "How are you?" ... "Good." I might as well have been at Vanilla Room. Even frickin Nickelback was there... Also from Langley.

To take a break we went to Stone Temple to say hi to Jae's ex, because it was his last night working there. There were less people there than I had ever seen before. Like 15. It was weird. I did though tell him how his friend is a major hottie and how he should hook us up.

After that we stopped by Tonic for a few mins to dance and then headed back to Roxy for the rest of the night.

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