Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crazy Kids

Last night my mom and her friend had a "sleepover." All the people from their work were having a going-away dinner for this guy, and since it was snowing her friend stayed over at our house so she was close to work in the morning.

It was hilarious. They were in their pajamas and we all watched House.

Crazy kids... and it was a school night too! Too funny.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bar Star Dani - Saturday

I headed to Vancouver early to get ready at Cece's house, where I met her boyfriend for the first time. He is Korean-American and looks like Keanu Reeves. Unfortunately he talks about shooting people a lot. Like how all fat people should be shot, and all people with AIDS should be shot... etc etc. Yikes.

The group of us headed to the Joey's downtown for our friend's birthday. I tried Ahi tuna on these Ahi tuna taco things. It was good... Even though raw stuff still kinda scares me a bit. As we were looking at the menu my friend's boyfriend was like "This menu needs pictures!" HAHAHA It's not Denny's buddy!

He also realized he had forgotten his ID back at her house, so while all the girls headed to the club they went back to get his ID... only to make it back, stand in line for an hour, give up and go home. Sucks to be them.

We went to Ginger... Which is both good and bad. I really like the atmosphere there... the lighting, how people are dressed, the ambiance in general. I'm also not really a fan of house music though.

As much as I hate to admit I was a barstar this weekend, I also hate to admit that I caused some drama. There that night was a girl I got to school with, and her red-head friend. They are both 19. 'Nuff said.

Anyways... Earlier in the night I had seen this really gorgeous guy come in, but he was holding hands with a girl who I assumed was his girlfriend. They had also spotted him, and were following him around the club. To make a long story short, it turns out he's single and next thing I see is the red-head all over him, rubbing up and putting her face in his face. I walked over and after a bit us girls went to dance.

A little later I went to the bar to get a drink and saw him there alone so I started a conversation with him... which led to us talking for like an hour. As well as being totally my type looks-wise, he's 26 and a graphic designer from Kits. (Yes... LEGIT)

He kept telling me how the red-head was staring at us and looking really mad and I was like "Shit, she's gonna kick me ass!" Next thing I know she's walking over to us and trying to get me to leave the guy and go dance. I didn't want to, and she stood there looking at me really weirdly. I was like: "Sorry." and she's like: "For what?" and I'm like: "Well, I don't wanna make you mad." "She was like... Mad? For what? Do what you wanna do." I thought it was really cool of her and just as I was saying it was cool of her to the guy hes like "No way!"... because she had just given us the finger. Yep, 19.

We talked until the club closed and then he took my number and gave me a lil kiss (awww) and we all went home.

Bar Star Dani - Friday

I hate to admit it... but I was a bit of a barstar this weekend. Yes, both nights I got all dressed up and dragged my fine ass downtown to Granville street.

Part Uno:

Friday night I hit up the Roxy with my friend Kim. She is newly moved home from Texas, and fresh off a broken engagement ... young, single and ready to mingle! It's awesome going out with her because she knows EVERYONE. Sometimes I feel a bit like her entourage, following her around, but she is an awesome girl... and she doesn't drink so she is automatic designated driver.

It was like Langley blew up in the Roxy. One of the girls I used to work with at Sammy's was having her b-day there and it was packed with Langley-ites. It was nice to see them, but we don't have much in common past "How are you?" ..."Good" ... "How are you?" ... "Good." I might as well have been at Vanilla Room. Even frickin Nickelback was there... Also from Langley.

To take a break we went to Stone Temple to say hi to Jae's ex, because it was his last night working there. There were less people there than I had ever seen before. Like 15. It was weird. I did though tell him how his friend is a major hottie and how he should hook us up.

After that we stopped by Tonic for a few mins to dance and then headed back to Roxy for the rest of the night.

My "Sensual" Horoscope

Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Pisces Woman
The Sensuous Pisces Woman has a tendency to experience love at first sight more than any other sign. Think about it. When you fall in love, you don’t just “fall,” you tumble head-over-heels.

Sensitive, Alluring, and Responsive, you’re fascinating to watch. If you are not already a dancer you surely could be because you don’t just walk into a room, you float through the door. When you smile or talk, your loving personality shines through like a bright, beaming star. This romantic radiance of yours has an overwhelming effect on people. Your energy naturally draws them to you and even makes them feel better about themselves.

If your sex-appeal were a perfume… it would be called “Sensual Surrender.”Why? Because romance is the drumbeat to your soul. You wear passion around your neck like a necklace. When others are fearful about love – you abandon yourself to it.

According to the Sensual Zodiac, no other sign loves as thoroughly and romantically as you.

And here’s another sexy secret about you: You long to be totally free in bed. You want to be swept away on a sea of emotion and lose yourself completely. You want sex that is rich in sensuality and dripping with intensity. You need a lover whose passionate kisses and caresses make you tremble with excitement.

How to seduce you? The old fashioned way where romance comes first, followed by endless nights of passionate sex. You prefer naturally romantic settings so you can let your imagination run wild.

You are the kind of lover who has to get super-relaxed before sex. The element of water is your romantic aphrodisiac… and that’s why anything that brings you deep relaxation is the best romantic ritual for you. And of the many ways you could find to relax… a long, luxurious, romantic bath always tops the list.

Most romantic places for you to make love:
• On a plush blanket, while lying on the sand of a warm, secluded beach.
• In a Jacuzzi hot tub, filled with fragrant flowers and overflowing with silky milky bath bubbles.
• On the king sized waterbed in the master suite of a private yacht.

Friday, January 18, 2008

fish in the sea

Sometimes when I'm bored I look at guys on I don't have a profile, so I can't talk to them... I just cruise. Sometimes I see people I know... It makes me smile.

I had a profile for a bit, but it just got to be a game for me: "How many guys' favourites lists will I be on now?" Then I would talk to them for a while via the mail there, and then when they wanted to meet up I bailed. I don't know why.

School Schmool

School update:

I am officially cleaning real people's teeth and giving local anaesthetic needles to people! Scary I know! I also did really well on all my midterms.

That is all.

losing my mind

So you know what I did? Like a week ago I changed my age on my little blurb in here to 24.

I am almost 24, but when I did it I honestly thought I WAS 24. Then I was wondering why the age part still said I was 23, even though it's calculated based on my birthdate. I was like "This thing doesn't work... I'm 24!"

What the hell?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Theory

I haven't talked to Rooster's guy in like two weeks now. We hung out over the Christmas holidays and had a lot of fun... and then he called me the next day, said he was going to the island for the night and would call me when he got back... and I haven't heard from him since. I called him on New Years to say hi and it went straight to voicemail. Three days later I tried again and same thing. That's my limit. Maybe he's dead?

My friend at school has a theory... My Pussy is cursed. Thanks Cece!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

My Jesus Theory

ATTENTION: Before you read this post you need to go into it with an open mind. If you already saw the word Jesus and thought to yourself: "Now what is that heathen going to say about my friend J-dawg?" Then you should probably just stop now.

I have a bit of a conundrum... and I HONESTLY would like someone to give me some answers. Comments people, comments! (Please... Luvs ya!)

The Jesus Theory

According to the bible Jesus was born because God impregnated Mary in an immaculate conception. The family Jesus was born into was Mary and Joseph, who were a nice married couple... Or were they? For a marriage to be upheld the marriage needs to be consummated. Well, if Mary was a virgin then she obviously had NOT done it with Joseph... Therefore they were not actually married. So, if Jesus was born to an unmarried couple then what does that make him? GASP!!!! A bastard.

I'm sorry... but that's the lesser of two evils at this point... There's more... (You can still stop reading if you want... you aren't gonna like this!)

You don't want to believe Jesus is a bastard right? Who would want to think that? So let's work things out to say that he isn't. Well... if Jesus isn't a bastard then his parents would have had to be married. Therefore Joseph and Mary did it. Probably many times. They consummated the heck out of their marriage. (Did they have honeymoons back then?) So... one of those squirmy little Joseph spermies made it to one of Mary's holy eggs... And a baby was created. A regular 'ol joe baby who was born 9 months later in a manger. So the theory of Jesus being the son of God who came to earth to save us all is wrong... And therefore Christianity is based on something that isn't true.

So... which is it?

Cream... Stat

Ok... only the girls will appreciate the humour of this one... Guys stop reading right NOW.

The other day I went out for dinner with a girlfriend of mine. We went to this really cool sushi place on Broadway called "The Eatery." The place is not like a normal Asian sushi place, it has dim lighting and music and big paper mache monsters on the ceiling. Also the sush is pretty good too. They take rolls and them fry the whole thing in tempura and it's really yummy.

Anyhoo... My friend had "borrowed" (aka taken without asking and returned) a purse from her friend. She was digging around in the bottom of it... and what does she pull out??... One of those little tubies of Monistat anti-itch cream! I was laughing so hard I almost peed myself.

Needless to say she wasn't eating any gum from that purse anytime soon!


Now that I've finished my last 3 midterms I am officially allowed to have a life again. That didn't stop me from staying home both nights this weekend... But I honestly like just lying around watching Sex and the City for hours ok?

School runs my life.

Tonight Nicole yelled at me because I use up all the paper and ink from the printer. She told me that it was a "bitchy thing to do." Really Nicole? REALLY??

Yup... I do it on purpose just to fuck you over. I REALLY enjoy printing out pages and pages to study. The more the merrier... really... I do it on purpose just to piss you off.

Oh and I like to ask my teachers for extra assignments too. Minimum twelve page papers... the longer the better... Just so I can have the satisfaction of personally using up all the ink and paper.

Come on!