Saturday, December 01, 2007

Goofy Goo

The funniest thing happened at school the other day.

We were learning how to do sealants on each other, and I was in the chair layed back, with one of the girls in my class getting me prepped for a sealant.

The teacher had just come over, and the girl had put the acid etch on my teeth, and put the cotton rolls into my mouth to keep the area clean. Since the area needs to be really dry we use the large suction (the one that looks like a bubble tea straw.)

As she was starting to suction the etch off I heard this perfect bubble popping sound inside my mouth. Smack your lips together and make the loudest suctioning pop sound you can... and imagine it really loud in your mouth... She had sucked up one of the cotton rolls into the suction machine! She was trying to get it out and it was stuck... and I started to giggle.

She was like "Danielle shhhh... Danielle stop..." but she was giggling as she said it, and that was making it funnier. Plus I had the acid etch stuff on my teeth still which doesn't exactly taste pleasant... and I was flicking it everywhere... But I couldn't stop giggling.

Then you could tell that my teacher, who is this older German dentist, was starting to laugh too, and trying really hard to keep his mouth shut.

Finally I couldn't hold it in any longer and started to really laugh and flail my legs and couldn't stop. There were tears just pouring from my eyes.

Then my teacher says "Wow... This is better than Mr. Bean" and I just lost it completely. Yeah, that is what lack of sleep will do to ya.

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