Thursday, December 13, 2007

Go 'Nucks!

Saturday night I went out with Rooster's Guy again. He came and picked me up around 5:30 and we headed downtown to check out the Canucks vs. Pittsburgh game. Since it was the first time Sydney Crosby had been here it was super packed. Even the freeway was backed up all the way to 200th street.

We eventually got there about 5 mins after the game started... which really worked out for us ├Ęcause we got awesome tickets from a scalper for not too bad of a price. They were Row 12, behind the Canucks bench for $200 a pop (and it REALLY worked out for me, since he paid $300 and I paid $100 lol). I’ve never been that close to Pyatt before... :)

The game as always was fun. I love live sports. We had some beers and some chicken burgers and cheered them on. It turned out to be a good game too. Crosby had a penalty shot... which he missed...haha. Also the game came down to a super-long shootout. We lost the game, but it was good times anyway.

Again Rooster's guy and I really got along. I bought him a Peek-a-Pooh and he liked it. It was Pooh in a beehive and it was winking. Oh... and he had gone out to buy some Trident gum since I told him it’s good for his teeth... Once again showing that he knows how to listen!

When we got back to my place I wanted him to come in and say hi, since my parents were having a party. He didn’t want to and I’m glad he didn’t becasue he would have gotten the total third degree from my parents’ friends. Apparently my uncle was asking my mom if he was coming for Christmas dinner... Let’s not rush things here!!!

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