Thursday, December 06, 2007

Date Night

The unthinkable happened: Rooster's guy called me... On the day he said he was going to!

After chatting for like 45 minutes we decided to go grab a drink and catch "American Gangster" at Colossus.

We met at Sharks Club and during drinks I couldn't tell if he was really interested. It seemed like he was looking around a lot, and not really looking at me. The conversation was good though, he remembered everything I had told him at Roosters, so he obviously really listens.

We left to go to the movie, which was pretty good. The only con was that it was 2 and a half hours long so it kinda dragged. But... we tuned that con into a pro: that long movie gave us plenty of time to cuddle! Well, as well as you can cuddle in those crappy theatre seats. They need couches in there I tell ya!

After the movie we went back to get my car and sat in the car talking for a bit. And then... he kissed me. And I actually had wanted him to hahaha.

Unthinkable thing #2: I went on a date and actually LIKED the guy!

There is honestly not usually anything wrong with the guys I go out with... We will have good conversation, and get along, but there just isn't that spark. He told me to call him... and I will, but I will give it a few days. Don't wanna scare this one away!

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