Monday, December 03, 2007

Bow Wow Wow Yippee-O Yippee-Ay

Friday night a bunch of us gals from school went out for one of the girl's birthday. She was turning 20 and that was the last of the teenagers in our class.

We headed out to Roosters early and had some food to avoid waiting in line. I was so glad we had decided to go there, 'cause I hadn't been in sooo long.

The night was awesome. We two-stepped, drank nasty shooters ("Farm Gas" = Whisky and Raspberry sour), sipped double long-islands and sang along to the band.

The best thing about Roosters is the wide selection of cute white boys. Honestly. I am done with downtown dudes... I wanna nice, cute, white hometown kinda guy.

After sitting at our booth for a while I convinced one of the girls to walk around and cruise for guys with me... Well it paid off. She pointed out a cute guy, who I went to talk to and ended up chatting with the rest of the night. We even slow danced to some U2 - With Or Without You (I was like wow this song totally reminds me of Ross on Friends). Did I mention I LOVE slow dancing.

I gave him my number before I left the bar, and then headed back to one of the girls houses and passed out to wake up to tonnes of snow the next day. What a great nite.

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