Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holiday Blahs

Christmas has come and gone pretty much uneventfully this year. I honestly just wasn't feeling it for some reason... Wait? No, I know the reason. I am grinchy because I am too busy with school to enjoy it. There is always next year.

There is also something about Christmas that makes you wish you had a significant other. It's ok being single in the summer... tonnes of scantily clad guys at the beach to flirt with... But it's a lot harder to find barely dressed dudes in the winter. Honestly, it would be nice to have someone to snuggle up with under a blanket and watch a movie at home.

I've talked to Rooster's guy a few times, but we haven't gone out again yet. He was away for work, and then away for Christmas. So who knows... On the bright side though, the cute guy that works at my gym asked me for my number the other day. Carrie Bradshaw is right... "All you need to get a date is another date."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Go 'Nucks!

Saturday night I went out with Rooster's Guy again. He came and picked me up around 5:30 and we headed downtown to check out the Canucks vs. Pittsburgh game. Since it was the first time Sydney Crosby had been here it was super packed. Even the freeway was backed up all the way to 200th street.

We eventually got there about 5 mins after the game started... which really worked out for us ├Ęcause we got awesome tickets from a scalper for not too bad of a price. They were Row 12, behind the Canucks bench for $200 a pop (and it REALLY worked out for me, since he paid $300 and I paid $100 lol). I’ve never been that close to Pyatt before... :)

The game as always was fun. I love live sports. We had some beers and some chicken burgers and cheered them on. It turned out to be a good game too. Crosby had a penalty shot... which he missed...haha. Also the game came down to a super-long shootout. We lost the game, but it was good times anyway.

Again Rooster's guy and I really got along. I bought him a Peek-a-Pooh and he liked it. It was Pooh in a beehive and it was winking. Oh... and he had gone out to buy some Trident gum since I told him it’s good for his teeth... Once again showing that he knows how to listen!

When we got back to my place I wanted him to come in and say hi, since my parents were having a party. He didn’t want to and I’m glad he didn’t becasue he would have gotten the total third degree from my parents’ friends. Apparently my uncle was asking my mom if he was coming for Christmas dinner... Let’s not rush things here!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

UCFV Bullshit

The other day I got my first phone call from a telemarketer. As a family we get a tonne... But this one was special...This person specifically asked for me.

She asked me (in broken English) if I wanted to sign up for a UCFV Alumni Mastercard.

First off who knew that UCFV had any want or need to have their own card? Certainly not me. Secondly, I'm perfectly happy racking up cash on my Dividends VISA, so I politely declined (aka yelled "NOT INTERESTED") and then slammed the phone down.

The thing that really bothered me though, is that a University-College on the verge of becoming a full-blown university would sell their former student's personal information to a credit company. I paid them thousands of dollars to attend and get my degree, and they repay me by sicking telemarketers on my ass? Honestly, I just don't think that is right! Under no circumstances should a college be giving out their students personal info. UCFV is BULLSHIT.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Date Night

The unthinkable happened: Rooster's guy called me... On the day he said he was going to!

After chatting for like 45 minutes we decided to go grab a drink and catch "American Gangster" at Colossus.

We met at Sharks Club and during drinks I couldn't tell if he was really interested. It seemed like he was looking around a lot, and not really looking at me. The conversation was good though, he remembered everything I had told him at Roosters, so he obviously really listens.

We left to go to the movie, which was pretty good. The only con was that it was 2 and a half hours long so it kinda dragged. But... we tuned that con into a pro: that long movie gave us plenty of time to cuddle! Well, as well as you can cuddle in those crappy theatre seats. They need couches in there I tell ya!

After the movie we went back to get my car and sat in the car talking for a bit. And then... he kissed me. And I actually had wanted him to hahaha.

Unthinkable thing #2: I went on a date and actually LIKED the guy!

There is honestly not usually anything wrong with the guys I go out with... We will have good conversation, and get along, but there just isn't that spark. He told me to call him... and I will, but I will give it a few days. Don't wanna scare this one away!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Bow Wow Wow Yippee-O Yippee-Ay

Friday night a bunch of us gals from school went out for one of the girl's birthday. She was turning 20 and that was the last of the teenagers in our class.

We headed out to Roosters early and had some food to avoid waiting in line. I was so glad we had decided to go there, 'cause I hadn't been in sooo long.

The night was awesome. We two-stepped, drank nasty shooters ("Farm Gas" = Whisky and Raspberry sour), sipped double long-islands and sang along to the band.

The best thing about Roosters is the wide selection of cute white boys. Honestly. I am done with downtown dudes... I wanna nice, cute, white hometown kinda guy.

After sitting at our booth for a while I convinced one of the girls to walk around and cruise for guys with me... Well it paid off. She pointed out a cute guy, who I went to talk to and ended up chatting with the rest of the night. We even slow danced to some U2 - With Or Without You (I was like wow this song totally reminds me of Ross on Friends). Did I mention I LOVE slow dancing.

I gave him my number before I left the bar, and then headed back to one of the girls houses and passed out to wake up to tonnes of snow the next day. What a great nite.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Goofy Goo

The funniest thing happened at school the other day.

We were learning how to do sealants on each other, and I was in the chair layed back, with one of the girls in my class getting me prepped for a sealant.

The teacher had just come over, and the girl had put the acid etch on my teeth, and put the cotton rolls into my mouth to keep the area clean. Since the area needs to be really dry we use the large suction (the one that looks like a bubble tea straw.)

As she was starting to suction the etch off I heard this perfect bubble popping sound inside my mouth. Smack your lips together and make the loudest suctioning pop sound you can... and imagine it really loud in your mouth... She had sucked up one of the cotton rolls into the suction machine! She was trying to get it out and it was stuck... and I started to giggle.

She was like "Danielle shhhh... Danielle stop..." but she was giggling as she said it, and that was making it funnier. Plus I had the acid etch stuff on my teeth still which doesn't exactly taste pleasant... and I was flicking it everywhere... But I couldn't stop giggling.

Then you could tell that my teacher, who is this older German dentist, was starting to laugh too, and trying really hard to keep his mouth shut.

Finally I couldn't hold it in any longer and started to really laugh and flail my legs and couldn't stop. There were tears just pouring from my eyes.

Then my teacher says "Wow... This is better than Mr. Bean" and I just lost it completely. Yeah, that is what lack of sleep will do to ya.